We create diseases ourselves

We create diseases ourselves

Psychologists have proved that in our lives we create everything ourselves, including our health depends on us. Since ancient times, it was known that the pledge of physical health is spiritual and mental health. Until now, in the East, doctors focus on treating not the disease, but its psychological cause. After not eradicating the root cause of the disease, you can readily expect its recurrence, a striking example of which can be the growth of a new tumor in place of a previously surgically removed. It is about the psychological causes of diseases and will go further speech.

Do not treat the disease as something alien, perceive it as an enemy and an enemy. On the contrary, any disease is a signal that something is going wrong, that our emotions, thoughts, actions and behavior are destructive in something and require revision and change. If you have not read Louise Hay’s book “How to heal your life,” then do it, and if you read it, read it again, you will see what causes this or that disease or condition.

One of the fundamental concepts of psychology is the character of man. The quality of the character affects health, and this can be seen from personal experience. Remember friends who always have a whole “bunch of diseases”, and those who are almost never complain of health. What is the difference between them? The fact that the former are almost always dissatisfied with life and all that surrounds them, constantly remain in a bad mood, they always have guilty, and they themselves play the role of a victim. People with good health are often optimistic, with a great sense of humor, they are always engaged in something interesting, friendly and sociable.

So, one can deduce the regularity that pessimists often have much more health problems than those whose main character is optimism. It all depends on how we perceive the world and people around us, what our beliefs and everyday thoughts are.

It is impossible to evade emotions and their huge impact on health. It is the emotions with the minus sign that form those or other diseases. For example, lack of joy and love in life causes heart disease, anger – liver disease.

As we create the disease ourselves, it is within our power to cure it. Therefore, if our goal is to achieve the ideal health, then we need to reconsider our attitude to life, become more cheerful and optimistic, try to stay constantly in a good mood, and the result will not make us wait. You will also be helped by positive affirmations about which we have already written in this article, as well as meditation techniques.

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