Ways to cleanse the body of toxins

Ways to cleanse the body of toxins

Toxins can always be found in our organisms. Life among many other living beings is full of not only pleasures, but also fraught with unpleasant and dangerous consequences. What can we do about it?

We often hear about toxins and regularly discuss similar problems – poisoned air and water. Food contains more synthetics. Global awareness of the problem is already evident. However, do we know what toxic substances are contained inside our bodies. Unfortunately, they really are there. And not only are inside, but also have a certain detrimental effect.

What are toxins?

These are poisonous substances that are produced by living organisms, such as microbes, plants and animals. There are such varieties that are distinguished by bacteria and those that arise in the outer membrane of bacteria.

We have to admit that we are constantly poisoned. Diagnosis of toxins in the body is a very simple procedure. Their stay inside us is characterized by lack of energy, problems with sleep, lack of appetite and general weakness. Sometimes there are problems with skin. Where are the toxins most? They accumulate in the most unloved part of our body – fatty tissue.

Toxins can be removed.

The most common methods of getting rid of them is fasting, which perfectly cleanses the body of toxins and food remnants in the intestines. However, fasting, used without medical supervision, can be terrible for its consequences. The body, which is not fed, uses the accumulated reserves of glycogen to be able to use the reserves of adipose tissue, which connects the most amount of harmful slag in the next stage of the reaction to hunger.

Burning fat provokes the release of fatty acids, which, together with toxins, are released from the body during urination. The fasting mechanisms described above, however, are not unconditionally safe and useful for our body. Fasting is not a universal way for everyone. Especially if we just want to get rid of toxins in such a radical way, then we need to consult a doctor who will carry out diagnostics and control. And then he will indicate the correct way of cleansing the body of toxins and toxins.

What are the negative consequences of starvation?

Such a process weakens the immunity of our body and opens the way for various infections. In addition, fasting can cause dizziness, headaches, and also – unpleasant sensations in the stomach. Since the normal process of digestion in the intestine will be disturbed during the cleansing process, starvation can lead to irreversible negative consequences. If it is done incorrectly, it will cause serious cachexia of the body.

Remember that during fasting, physical activities are completely forbidden. Temporarily deprived of food the body does not work very well, so you will not be able to exercise or do many kinds of housework.

How long does it take to be effective for the body by cleansing with fasting?

The best of 1 to 3 days is the maximum that is sufficient to obtain the desired result. During this period, your body is not able to fully function, because it uses only previously accumulated reserves. Drink enough water. It must be constantly remembered – during the cleaning you need to drink plenty of water. However, it is worth doing even when you do not go on a hunger strike.

Myth is also the assertion that fasting promotes weight loss. Fasting is not a way to effectively lose weight. It only helps to cleanse the body. That’s why it should be practiced only for healthy women who are not pregnant and only under the supervision of a doctor. A thorough and responsible approach will allow you to effectively purify the body of toxins and toxins.

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