Watching weight in pregnancy

Watching weight in pregnancy

Before pregnancy, every woman was happy with the loss of extra pounds, but when pregnant on the contrary – happy about the increase in weight. From nutrition during pregnancy depends on the growth of the baby. Right now, we need to adjust the attitude to proteins, fats, carbohydrates. So throughout the pregnancy on the table of the future mother should be tasty, healthy and nutritious foods.

Increase in kilograms

There is a category of expectant mothers who already from the first weeks of their pregnancy feel an increase in weight. Another category of moms, on the contrary, experience a loss in weight (up to 3 kg). The reason is toxicosis.

The child begins to grow actively with the onset of 3-4 months. Since that moment, weight gain weekly at 300-350 grams is considered normal. At the 9th month, the arrow of the scales will deviate.

Loss in weight will be from 0.5 to 1 kilogram before delivery – this is normal, do not be afraid.

If the woman’s weight was within the normal range before pregnancy, then during 9 months, a weight gain of 11-16 kg is allowed. At whom thin constitution, it is necessary chuchut to increase admissible figures. This is true for moms who have more than one baby, and two, because Each child needs to separately provide all the supplies he needs.

We need to be weighed every week (on an empty stomach). Start a notebook in which to record the result after each weighing. Record the records to the gynecologist when he visits.

Useful stock

The organism of the pregnant woman lays out the reserve of reserve fats, which are necessary for pregnancy, childbirth and feeding of the child. He will gradually spend them. If the food is not thought out and insufficient, the baby will be thin and painful.

What do we have according to plan?

It’s bad if the future mother has a sharp drop in weight. This will affect the pressure, well-being. In order to increase in weight gradually, you need to eat small portions (4-5 times a day at intervals of 1.5 hours).

Carbohydrates and their replacement

To avoid excess accumulation of kg in weight, you need to replace fast carbohydrates (cakes, chocolate, cakes) for cereals, bread, vegetables.

Decrease the food intake

Weight is growing, and appetite is getting stronger? Remove from the diet flour and sweet. It’s good to eat cabbage – it effectively burns extra pounds, but do not overdo it, consult your gynecologist

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