Vitamins and nutrition during pregnancy

Vitamins and nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnancy for a woman is always an exciting and long-awaited condition. The very idea that inside lives a small life, already makes you think and improve the quality of your life. For the future mother during pregnancy, you should not be nervous and upset, because the very psychological state is very important.

Among people there is such a hypothesis that a pregnant woman is for two, that is, for herself and the baby. But it’s partial, really. The fact is that the child in the nutria of the mother feeds on what she eats. But the body becomes very sensitive to certain components and vitamins during pregnancy. And if the body will grab this or that component, then it immediately wants to eat a pregnant woman. Also, some future mothers may sometimes have a desire to eat something that is inedible, such as toothpaste or soap, then at this point it is worth to turn to a specialist and find out what caused this desire. Probably, the doctor will appoint you a complex of vitamins and minerals, you may need Japanese vitamins and bastards for pregnant women.

60% of women can observe a change in taste, this is because the appearance of strange natural habits in pregnant women is in fact a side effect of pregnancy. In the brain of such a woman, under the influence of the hormone progesterone, the effect “dominant pregnancy” appears. It means that the awareness of pregnancy suppresses the very personality of a woman and after that her thoughts go only in the direction and preservation of the child. In future mums, all feelings become very aggravated, and the taste receptors themselves become very thin and sensitive to recognize poor quality and spoiled food for the baby. So, that the taste buds during pregnancy, most likely, will change and the surrounding people should understand this.

Let’s sum up. Pregnancy is a very important moment, and whatever it is, it should flow easily. The fact that pregnant women are very susceptible to the environment. And what the future mother wants is to be realized, of course, within reason. Much important factor for expectant mothers, this is certainly a psycho-emotional state, if Mom is upset and down-regulated, it may not be the best way to affect the baby. You also need to monitor the nutrition and well-being of the pregnant woman.

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