Vitamins and minerals for women’s health

Vitamins and minerals for women's health

The female body constantly needs care, to maintain external beauty and inner health. But, for this, it is necessary that all necessary vitamins and minerals were present in the diet, since women are, first of all, future mothers, so proper maintenance of reproductive function is very important for them.

First of all, you need to know about the effects of these nutrients on their body and, for which it is necessary to take them. Since many do not realize that vitamin deficiency is one of the reasons why it is very difficult to get pregnant.

One of the important vitamins, which contributes to the correct growth of the embryo, and also softens the course of pregnancy is vitamin B6, which also contributes to the normal course of the menstrual cycle. In addition, it positively affects the lactation of the nursing mother and it must be taken in a double dosage. Contains B6 in fish, chicken meat, bananas, in fresh vegetables, fruits.

Vitamin B12 promotes the health of the reproductive system, and treats anemia in pregnant women. It is very useful for the brain and nervous system. It is found in eggs, milk, meat, seaweed.

An irreplaceable rescuer of anemia is, also, iron, which maintains the correct rate of hemoglobin, which is quite important during pregnancy.

Women who are difficult to get pregnant need to include in the diet copper, which is also useful for preserving the skin in a healthy way.

In order to prevent various pathologies of the fetus, one should not forget and take folic acid, which is contained in carrots, liver, oranges, greens.

Vitamin A, which has pronounced antioxidant properties, is very useful for the health of hair, nails, skin, and prevents premature aging. It contains, such foods as liver, eggs, butter, greens, vegetables, fruits.

Another good vitamin is vitamin E, which slows down aging, increases the chance to become pregnant and safely endure a unborn child. It is quite a lot in greenery, liver, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

It is important for the female sex to take into account the use of such essential substances, since, each wants a healthy child in the future. First of all, the reproductive health of a woman depends on herself, therefore, it is better to prevent various disorders, using vitamins and minerals, and to live a full life.

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