VIsible Part of Yoga

Yoga Is Far More Than A Physical State, It’s Also An Emotional and Spiritual One

Ever since I let yoga become my life, I’ve been plagued with one question: When did I become a yogi?  Since then, there’s been no rest for me. It’s during this time that I contemplated the things of life.

I’d be watching practitioners and think they’re yogi, and smile at these thoughts.

The Internet is loaded with practitioners from all areas of the world with videos and wise sayings that only motivators can provide to get people to move. It’s the truly lazy folks that rather not do any kind of yoga that don’t benefit from the meditation methods that it has to offer.

Yoga Allows One To Look Deep Within Themselves

Yoga is all about self-direction, and it all begins from the desire to improve one’s self – to change the world around them. For some folks, this change comes in the form of working out – exercising. For others, it’s all about yoga.  And, for other people, it’s something else entirely!

When people practice yoga, they are changing how they see themselves and reality.

It is my thought that this is the sadhak’s key goal. In order to attain the peak of the Raja Yoga – where you must control the mid via meditation, you need to understand what illusory and real is and get deliverance.

While it is difficult to attain these things due to life – work, family, etc. – this is the goal in life.  Still, there are some who understand the flow of Yoga and have reduce its effects – stopping at a particular development level.
There’s just one thing left: move forward and get past their obliviousness and lethargy.

Yoga Releases A Range Of Emotions

When I found myself experience such a powerful flow of yoga, I feel a range of emotions – happiness, sadness, surprise, etc. There’s so many emotions that have no idea what really is going on within me. It’s like an invisible hand is leading me to somewhere.

During this time, my body is falling apart and away from fitness and until the vastness of domestic issues. When I am enjoying yoga, I am surprised by the ability to do surya namaskar and feeling my body’s sensations. Fitness alone is not bad, and should be included with yoga in strict amounts.  They can complement one another. In fact, it’s a combination of these two that has led to something else entirely – fitness yoga.

I have worked as a fitness trainer for 20 years, and believed for the longest time that yoga only developed physical qualities: endurance, strength and flexibility.  However, it also does more… patience.

In hindsight, I smile.

I found it interesting that with no changes in my eating habits, I naturally changed how I looked at things in in my life. And, it can happen to anyone who does yoga.

Yoga is much more than just a visible physical aspect. It is, when used right, can allow a person to look deep within themselves. Yoga is a great treasure – something people can use to increase their knowledge and feel whole once more.




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