Viparita – would mean karani that is opposite would mean – in activity, of doing an act. It’s also called the leg-up-the-wall-model. Most of the yoga places keeps your feet on earth but this place does the opposite, enabling you to ease your muscles up by the flow of blood from the leg to your head.

This inverted posture results in rise in the flow of blood to your brain that is very helpful to keep your blood pressure in addition to to your upper body. The longer you be in this position it’ll be more valuable to you. Week long weariness or your day long would go away and gets you refreshed. It can be termed as among the finest medications to restore you from the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion.

This helps in many ways to calm. This asana would assist you in all the potential means to restore your well-being. By concentrating in your testes or ovaries while doing this asana, it can end up being quite valuable to your reproductive system. This asana can help you keep your strength and energy complete. By providing you with a wrinkle free skin it prevents premature aging. In addition, it reduces your menstrual distress.

While doing this asana don’t extend yourself too much. Those who have health conditions should consult with their physician before practicing these asanas.





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