Uses in Cancer Treatment

The specialist said she observed the use of meditation and Raja yoga treatment headaches, crippling arthritis and cancer.

And even though Raval offers evidence, which she said was gathered during two years of study in India at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, other members of the medical profession have blown off her as a kook.

This isn’t mantra or chanting reciting, the doctor said. It is not based on scriptures. It is not a cult. It is not biofeedback. It is deeper than that. This is a full-proof system of meditation, a thorough comprehension of what the soul is.

Medical schools educate pupils the human being is just a body. But the head has the ability to heal the body. By definition, psychosomatic means soul and body, or a mixture of head.

The disorder is created by the soul, but the body endures. If the disorder is created by the mind, the lone way to treat it’s through the head. It is a quite simple formula: treating the seed of the issue.

Further, studies in parapsychology point to treating sickness through treatment of the soul.

The World Spiritual University, which has divisions in 30 states, educates perfection and peace for well-being and well-being through using Raja yoga.

Raja yoga educates pupils to seek for responses on the cancer entered their body and where they came from in their spirit world. They learn what lifestyle, anxiety, family and part faith played in the cancer.

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