Useful advice for future mothers

Useful advice for future mothers

Always remember that, perhaps, this pregnancy is the last in your life, and you must remember these moments, which can never happen again. Leave in memory the pregnancy test, which showed you the cherished two stripes, at least once in the trimester visit a professional photographer in order to obtain beautiful memorable pictures, lead a pregnancy diary, write down feelings and experiences in it.

It is necessary to register for 8-12 weeks. It is during this period that it is necessary to make the very first ultrasound to make sure of the presence of a fetal egg in the uterus, to determine whether the pregnancy is pregnant and to make records about the growth and development of the baby.

Take folic acid during the first trimester of pregnancy. Begin its use from the day you learned about your interesting situation, and even better, from the day you and your husband started planning your pregnancy.

Do not forget about self-care. The only thing that should be abandoned, so it’s from laser hair removal, hair dyeing, tattooing. Manicure and pedicure do only in proven beauty salons, exclusively sterile instruments.

Do not self-medicate. In any case, do not hesitate, call your doctor, who will tell you how to cope with a headache, or whether you can take this or that drug for colds.

Use at least 2 liters of fluid a day. Be sure to drink clean water without gas, natural juices, compotes. Limit the use of coffee and tea.

It’s time to sleep! Approximately from 30 weeks of pregnancy your position will not allow you to get enough sleep, and after birth and even more so. Therefore, once you have learned about successful conception, review your daily routine by changing the schedule so that you sleep at least 8 hours a day. And always in a ventilated room.

Save all pictures from ultrasound. Then you can buy special frames for them, or paste them into the album of the baby.

Daily in your diet should be present vegetables and fruits. Let one apple, or one banana, but they must certainly be present in your menu, because it is due to the fruits you will ensure the inflow of nutrients to the baby, providing it with all the necessary vitamins and elements.

Sour-milk, as a source of calcium, should also become an integral part of your diet.

Say “no” to drugs, alcohol, nicotine, toxic substances, sauna and bath, solar procedures on the beach, and grueling physical exertion.

Sign up for special courses for expectant mothers, where you not only learn a lot about your beautiful condition, but also meet women with whom you have much in common. Together you will cope with your fears and feelings, and by giving birth, you can walk with the crumbs together. And, naturally, at such courses you will be prepared for the main event – a meeting with your baby.

As soon as possible, start planning for your baby. Do repairs as soon as you start telling your nearest and dearest people about your pregnancy. Purchase everything you need while your state allows you to do it. Collect the bags in the hospital as early as possible, even better they stand in the hallway, without disturbing anyone, than you will urgently need to collect everything, if you suddenly begin premature birth.

Smile. Look at everything beautiful. As often as possible, go out of town, to nature, to fresh air. Provide yourself with positive emotions, reviewing your favorite films, and reading fascinating books. Rid yourself of stress and worry.

Make love with the most important for you at the moment a man – the father of your baby. Refusal of sex is necessary only for medical reasons, for example, in connection with the threat of miscarriage, or after the passage of the mucous plug. In all other cases, do not even think that physical contact can somehow harm the child, of course, if you do not experiment too much with poses.

At the very beginning of pregnancy, get a driver’s license to give birth, you could travel around the city with a baby in a special chair, without attracting someone from your friends for help, being in constant movement. Of course, if you still do not have the rights, and there is the opportunity to buy a car.

Love your baby, as often as possible, tell him affectionate words, read fairy tales, sing songs, they all hear and feel, our little children!

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