Unpleasant congestion in the corners of the mouth: causes and treatment

Zaeda – inflammation of the mucous membrane or skin in the corners of the mouth. This lesion is manifested equally often in men and women of any age. In itself, this condition of the lips is not dangerous, but it can be a symptom of a decrease in the body’s immunity, a sign of the development of some other, more serious diseases.

The main reason for the occurrence of seizures is the effect on the skin of the lips of pathogenic microorganisms. There are only 2 types of infections that are capable of this – fungal and streptococcal. Both of them refer to infections that normally live on the skin of each person. Usually they do not manifest themselves in any way, but as soon as the organism is exposed to some external or internal factors that reduce its protection, infections begin to actively attack.

It becomes clear why seizures usually appear in the spring, during a period of massive decrease in immunity. Often they occur in people who have seasonally worsening chronic diseases or suffering from diabetes. More details about the occurrence of seizures and methods for their elimination can be found in this article: Snacks at the corners of the mouth: the causes and treatment in adults.

And now we will focus on the main points, the features of their appearance, the common signs and methods of treatment of the disease.

In addition to the general decrease in immunity, seizures are caused by other reasons:

• lack of vitamin B2 – it is also manifested by weakness, lack of appetite,

• noticeable skin peeling;

• taking antibiotics;

• taking hormonal drugs;

• Frequent licking of lips;

• the use of poorly washed fruits and vegetables;

• incorrect bite;

• Some diseases of teeth and gums;

• smoking.

In addition, seizures can be symptoms of some fairly serious diseases:

• iron deficiency anemia;

• Liver damage;

• diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

• Diabetes mellitus;

• hypovitaminosis.

Thus, it is very important to find out if the eating is only a symptom of some other disturbance of the body’s functioning, and to find the causative agent for choosing the right treatment.

Manifestations of streptococcal and candidamycotic (caused by a fungal infection of the genus Candida) – the main causes of the occurrence of seizures – are different.

Streptococcal congestion is more common in children than in adults. First a bubble with a thin film is formed. Then in its place there is erosion, covered with a purulent-bloody crust, after which a bleeding surface remains, which soon becomes covered with a crust. When you open your mouth, you feel very uncomfortable.

When kandidamicotic jaeda appears in the corner of the mouth, an erosion of bright red color is formed. It is covered with a grayish coating, which is easy to remove. On the surface of the skin, unlike the caused by streptococcus zayed, there are no crusts. When closing the mouth, such jams become invisible. This pathology can be chronic and have relapses.

The belonging of a jaedin to a certain type is determined both in appearance and in the results of laboratory tests.

In appearance, the approximate origin of seizures can be defined as follows: the fungus does not strike locally, the foci of appearance are more than one. If the cause is streptococcus – the contents of seizures flow, there is inflammation and swelling. Viral lesions are located separately lying points.

With the help of analyzes, also exclude possible diseases, the symptoms of which can be seizures: the level of hemoglobin in the blood is judged about the possibility of anemia, the level of leukocytes and the rate of their subsidence – the presence of any inflammatory reactions in the body, the level of sugar – about diabetes.

How correctly to treat snacks in the corners of the mouth

Very often people who have discovered in their corners of the mouth of a seizure are limited to trying to eliminate them. This is not the most reasonable approach, since jumping is always the result of some violations in the body, and for their treatment, first of all, it is necessary to find the reason for their appearance. Otherwise, jaunts will appear again and again, and untreated diseases will progress.

Depending on the nature of the pathogens used in the treatment of seizures, various local drugs are used: antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. If the nature of seizure can not be determined, broad-based drugs with antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral actions are used simultaneously: stomatidin, miramistin, fucocin, metrogil denta.

In addition to local drugs, it is also advisable to strengthen the body with vitamins, eliminate harmful external factors (smoking, lip licking). Of vitamins, ascorbic acid, vitamins A and E, vitamins of group B are the most needed. It will not be superfluous to enrich the diet with useful products: garlic, onion, honey, milk, peanuts, liver, fruits, cabbage, oatmeal, etc. It is better to exclude from The diet is sharp and salty, and in the case of a fungus – sweet.

To prevent the recurrence of seizures, in addition to the general strengthening of the body, hygiene is also important (washing hands, maintaining the cleanliness of the mouth, lack of unnecessary contact with the face) and protecting the lips on the street (with the help of hygienic lipstick).

The doctor may prescribe the use of antibiotics or antifungal medicines, immunomodulators. Observance of the doctor’s recommendations and general rules will help to avoid relapse.

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