Unloading days or body cleansing

Our body has such a feature as – accumulation, and it accumulates everything – and useful substances and not very much. So every adult man has slag. Slags are very harmful to our body, with their presence are often – problems with the intestines (constipation / diarrhea), insomnia, headaches, weakened immunity, pallor, circles under the eyes, etc.

How does slag appear in our body?

Often on holidays we arrange huge feasts, with a lot of harmful food, which we eat in large quantities. Just the accumulation of harmful substances is due to the use of fast food, soda, preservatives, alcohol and smoking. Bad ecology is also an influential factor. Imagine how clean and young the body will look after all this?

Several solutions to this problem:

1) Enema is the most effective way to purify the body, enemas make infusions of medicinal herbs.

2) Castor oil – also has a laxative effect, calculate 1ml of oil for 1 kg of your weight. Take it at night, on an empty stomach. In the morning it is advisable not to have any business, as the stomach will be weakening – this is normal.

3) Activated carbon – cost to take a course – 3-4 days, 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight. It is worth doing such a cleaning every two to three months.

4) Just like unload and cleanse the body will help apples and yogurt. Choose one day of the week and use only them. In any quantity, but without extremes.

5) Start your day with cereal, as we were taught in childhood, 100-200grams of porridge will give you cheerfulness and lightness for the whole day.

6) Carry out a regular cleaning of the body, approximately 1-2 times in six months. This will limit you from many problems and diseases.

7) After cleaning do not load your body, eat light food for 3-4 days.

After a few cleansing, think – maybe you should switch to the right food?

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