Types of massage

Types of massage

The modern way of life in many people is sedentary or inactive. Because of this, there are many problems, including pain in the back. You can get rid of the pain if you change your lifestyle, add regular physical activity and once a year undergo a massage course.

There are many types of masazha and it is important to choose the one that you need.

Classical massage. It includes smoothing, rubbing the body, vibration and stroking. He will relieve muscle tone, fatigue and give vigor to our body.

The second type of massage is medical. It arose long before our era. The first people who experienced his influence on themselves lived in China, Japan, Greece and Rome. To get rid of injuries and various diseases of the back, spine, musculoskeletal system – this is the most effective and affordable method.

For example, a disease like osteochondrosis is easily treated with massage. And special exercises for osteochondrosis will help not only to supplement the effect of massage, but also to fix the result for a long time. By the way, these exercises can be not only an auxiliary tool for treating this disease, but also provided regular, daily lessons can easily replace the very procedure of massage. Nevertheless, if you have a neglected form of the disease, then you will need treatment of osteochondrosis in the clinic.

Sports massage was developed specifically for athletes and is divided into:

Hygienic massage. The daily procedure that we need as morning exercises.

Massage training. It is necessary for training and strengthening of different muscle groups.

Restorative massage. It is necessary to hold after training or competitions for relaxation.

Cosmetic massage is a necessary part of the procedures in any beauty salon. It is carried out on the face, neck, hands to rejuvenate the skin, improve its condition.

Erotic massage can be divided into a separate group. In the intimate life of modern couples, he is part of the love games. It is very exciting and useful.

Attracts attention to a special kind of oriental massage – a point. This is the best method for self-treatment. Only it is necessary to correctly study the location of points on the body and correctly calculate the force of pressure.

Massage can be performed by apparatuses, massagers, hands, feet and even back, buttocks and chest.

Whichever massage you choose, whatever method you use, let it bring a lot of vivacity, health and ease to your body.

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