Turbaned gurus, singsong mantras and physical contortions . . .

But do not knock yoga till you have tried it, and then just with admiration.

Yoga means to bind together joining moon and sun, right and left, female and male, and any amount of yins and yangs — through ascetic techniques of exercise and meditation. The aim is mental and physical equilibrium.

Indian Hatha’ yoga is known to Westerners.

There are magical/mystical varieties of yoga for which individuals leave civilized society and jobs and escape to the Himalayas. But not everyone follows a religious guide beyond the Beltway; they had rather take up the discipline at the Y. or a local ashram

Dedicated professionals claim yoga leads to intuitive knowledge, religious harmony, perfect focus. Others use it to slim down or stop smoking. Regardless, it can not hurt, if done in moderation and with appropriate guidance.




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