Treatment without drugs

Treatment without drugs

Who among us, getting sick, thought about – and whether medication will bring health? Unfortunately, pharmaceuticals are mainly aimed at relieving symptoms and maintaining life, but not for recovery. Is treatment possible without drugs, or rather, without traditional drugs? Naturally, our ancestors did not know the pills and injections.

Of course, rely on the folk remedies for serious diseases (tuberculosis, oncology, hepatitis, etc.) is not worth it. But to maintain health, to carry out prevention and to remove mild symptoms without side effects, they are quite capable.

Only at once you will learn – some recipes should be used constantly, because they do not have, so to say, a shock dose of the active substance. And do not wait for an instant cure after a single application – folk medicine affects the cause, not the symptom.

Ointment from radiculitis

In fact, this rubbing can be used for arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis. In general, rub it into all the joints.

Take 300 ml of medical alcohol (40 ° C) and 10 ml of camphor. Then pour in iodine (10 ml) and pour rastolchennogo analgin (10 pills). Thoroughly dissolve the powder in liquids, mix, pour into glass containers and insist 2 weeks in a dark place.

Apply as a regular rubbing for the night, wrapped around the sore spot with a woolen shawl.

If you rub yourself in the afternoon, then do not go out into the street. The course is 10 days. You can repeat the course only after 5 days.

First aid without medicines

Sometimes, you just need to ease the pain, and there is no suitable preparation at hand. Or the symptom is not so strong, and there is no need to poison the body with chemistry.

• At high temperatures, drink a mixture of milk in half with water (1/2 liter), where sugar is dissolved and 1 tsp. Cardamom.

• With a headache, make a gruel from ground ginger and hot water. Distribute the forehead and temples, tied his head with a tight bandage. You can use a fresh root, wiping it on a grater. But be careful, gruel can burn.

• Pain from the external tumor can be relieved by compress from turmeric and salt (2: 1).

• Has his throat turned red? Rinse with iodine solution (5 ml per glass of water) or hot sage infusion.

• With purulent pimples this recipe will help. On 1 table.L. Juice of aloe vspyte? Tsp Turmeric. Divide into two parts and take in the morning and evening. Repeat the procedure until you see the result. By the way, this same recipe can be used for burns, only externally.

Be healthy!

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