Treatment of the cyst of the vagina.

Treatment of the cyst of the vagina.

If you have found a cyst of the vagina, then before you delete it, you need to be examined by a gynecologist. At the reception in our center you can sign up by calling the contact numbers or by filling out an application on the site. Applying to us, we will give you a discount.

The cyst of the vagina does not apply to true tumors, is a retention formation. Retention cysts are related to tumoral formations of female genital organs. The cyst is a cavity filled with liquid contents, and results from a delay or excessive secretion of the fluid. Cysts increase due to the accumulation of fluid and can occur in all parts of the reproductive system of the woman: the vulva, the vagina, the cervix, the ovary, a broad ligament. Most often, cysts are localized in the ovary and the supra-adnevary appendage (parovarial cyst). In the ovaries, follicular cysts, yellow body cysts, and tecalyutein cysts are distinguished.

The cyst of the vagina arises from the remnants of the Hartnerian course or from the remaining undifferentiated embryonic tissue (the cylindrical epithelium of the Mullerian passages). Observed in 1-2% of gynecological patients of different ages, mostly young. The form of the cyst is round, the consistency is tight or soft elastic. The microscopic wall of the cyst consists of a connective tissue with interlayers of muscle. Its inner surface is lined with a cylindrical or cubic epithelium, and sometimes multilayered. Its contents are transparent (serous, occasionally slimy), yellowish or dark in color.

All vaginal cysts are asymptomatic. More often they are found out casually at gynecological survey. Symptoms of the disease appear as they reach significant dimensions, ulceration of their integument.

Cysts can interfere with the sexual life, cause a foreign body in the vagina, accompanied by pathological discharge and even impairment of the bladder and rectum.

Causes of vaginal cysts can be different, but as a rule, the culprit of the vaginal cyst becomes the sexually transmitted infection, as well as the lack of proper hygiene of the genitals. By its size, the cyst of the vagina can be either with a five-kopeck coin, or with a chicken egg. There is an opinion that the cyst of the vagina can also arise from a hematoma resulting from an injury.

If the cyst of the vagina is found in a pregnant woman, then its size is important. With small cysts, surgery is not performed during pregnancy. If, however, the cyst of the vagina can interfere with normal delivery, and removal of the cyst is impossible during pregnancy for medical reasons, then the expectant mother will most likely have a cesarean section during childbirth.

Repeatedly from the occurrence of a cyst of the vagina, no woman is immune.

Diagnosis and treatment of the cyst of the vagina Recognition of the cyst of the vagina does not present any difficulties. Treatment of the vaginal cyst is surgical. Removal of the cyst in some cases is difficult, especially when its leg (the hartner’s passage) goes along the wall of the vagina high into the abdominal cavity. Before the operation, the surgeon must have a clear idea of ​​the anatomical relationship between the cyst, bladder and rectum of the patient. Simultaneously with the cyst, the necessary hemostasis is carried out. If the cyst lies deep enough, one should not strive to completely remove her leg. In these cases it is necessary to impose terminals on it, and cut off the cyst and replace the clamp with a ligature. In the bed formed after removal of the cyst, a thorough haemostasis must be performed.

The operation to remove the cyst is as follows: the mucous membrane of the anterior wall of the vagina is dissected by a longitudinal incision, the cyst is sharp and blunt, the catgut sutures cover the bed. Excess of the vaginal mucosa is resected. Vaginal mucosa is closed with catgut sutures. Relatively rarely, several cysts of the vagina are observed simultaneously in the same patient. Prevention of vaginal cysts should consist in the timely and full-fledged treatment of acute inflammatory processes of the internal genitalia.

If you have found a cyst of the vagina, it does not mean that it must be urgently removed. The development and growth of the cyst of the vagina should be observed by a gynecologist. If the cyst increases in size and interferes with the normal life of a woman, it will be removed.

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