Treatment of psoriasis in the home

Treatment of psoriasis in the home

The manifestation of psoriasis is characterized by extraordinary persistence. The patient must comply with all the prescriptions of the treating doctors, however, this does not guarantee success. Well, if at home you will also perform medical procedures, look for methods of folk treatment for this problem, choose a therapeutic diet.

One of the effective options for treating psoriasis at home is the use of Chinese ointment from psoriasis “King of Skin”. This is a quality, proven tool, the composition of which is approved by dermatologists.

“King of Skin”: effectiveness is obvious

The advantage of this drug is that it has a fairly mild effect on the affected area, but with the improvements gradually becoming more and more noticeable. The drug has all the necessary certificates in our country.

Among other important advantages:

– has few contraindications;

– helps quickly get rid of itching;

– Do not spoil clothes;

– has a pleasant smell;

– includes natural healthy ingredients;

– its effectiveness is confirmed by a large number of healings recorded by specialists.

Useful composition

Ointment includes both pharmacological components of the hormonal type, and natural substances. As for hormones, the composition of the drug is so balanced that its use does not affect the overall hormonal background. The main advantage of the ointment is that its components are selected so well that their action complements each other.


– Ketoconazole: a hormone that has an antifungal effect.

– Sandalwood: the plant is used in oriental medicine to relieve itching.

– Tulasi: a vegetable ingredient that provides moisturizing.

– Kapur kachari: an oriental plant that helps in the fight against skin infections.

– Niem: a medicinal ingredient of vegetable origin, known in the East, including in Ayurveda, is used to remove toxins.

– Turmeric: this is not only spice, but also medicine. Removes inflammation.

– Estimadhu: a kind of plant that heals wounds well.

There are contraindications:

Allergy to active ingredients;

Pregnancy, breast-feeding;

Liver diseases in acute form;

Age to one year;

Individual characteristics;

Skin infections and acne.

Read the detailed instructions for the use of the ointment “King of Skin” and be sure to try this wonderful product! Experience of effective Chinese medicine shows that this ointment perfectly fights with peeling, inflammation, itching, healing wounds and significantly improves the appearance of the skin.

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