Treatment of eczema with folk remedies

Treatment of eczema with folk remedies

Eczema is an extremely unpleasant skin disease that spoils the appearance of a person, brings painful itching on the skin and aesthetic displeasure with its appearance. A huge number of people suffer from wet eczema. But there are a lot of folk remedies that help to get rid of this scourge.

For example, the most common sea salt that we eat. The most important thing is not to take iodized salt for eczema treatment. Need cooked and necessarily coarse grind.

When painful rashes of eczema on the hands you need to prepare a special bath. Take a deep bowl, add to it slightly warm boiled water, then dissolve in water a few tablespoons of salt, then lower your hands into the water. Keep hands in the solution should not be longer than five minutes, then rinse them with running water, and apply olive oil. Rub into affected areas until completely absorbed. After twenty minutes, wash the oil off the skin.

Try an old and effective recipe, beat one egg of a chicken into a bowl, add a teaspoon of wine vinegar, mix thoroughly and apply ointment on the affected areas, after half an hour rinse with warm water. Only four sessions and you will forget about eczema! Do not believe me?

Then make an ointment based on the mother-and-stepmother. Scroll with a mincer mother-and-stepmother and add to it 100 grams of milk, mix thoroughly and apply on the skin. Wrap the affected areas with food film. The procedure lasts about half an hour.

You can also rinse the affected areas with cucumber brine.

Do not smear the areas affected by eczema with fatty creams, especially if you have wet eczema. Try to make masks from honey, while warming your hands or feet with food and towels.

Try to spend less time in the open sun, but if this is not avoided, use sunscreen from sunburn, do not use a foundation cream or a corrector if the eczema appears on the face.

Well help tinctures of St. John’s wort and marigold, just brew in 200 grams of hot water a couple tablespoons of calendula and St. John’s wort collection. Let them brew and drink a little. A glass of broth should be enough for a day.

With eczema, you must follow a diet, do not eat fried, fatty, hot and smoked. Limit the use of alcohol, carbonated drinks, juices that increase the secretion of gastric juice.

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