Treatment of cystitis in women drugs, tablets

Treatment of cystitis in women drugs, tablets

Various health problems are often associated with hypothermia, viruses, infections, and cystitis is also no exception. Much more often with this disease women face. If the attack was unexpected for you, then you can help yourself, following the advice of my advice. I’ll tell you about the treatment of cystitis in women, drugs, pills, how to competently and more effectively fight cystitis if you had to face it for the first time.

Treatment without a doctor’s advice is dangerous.

The first step in the fight against an unpleasant disease is a fast medical visit. Even the slightest postponement of a visit to a specialist can greatly prolong the course of treatment. If, instead of consulting a urologist, you start taking possible cures for your cystitis, you can doom yourself serious trouble. Why? Because the cause of this disease is infection, and treatment for women should begin with the definition of this pathogen. And if you fight with symptoms, it will only lead to complication of chronic cystitis, in addition you can earn dysbiosis and adversely affect the liver.

So, an experienced doctor will begin treatment with the definition of the main cause of the disease: after examining the patient, he will identify the symptoms not only pronounced, but also pay attention to the indirect signs, the spread of the disease, prescribe the delivery of tests that will help to say exactly which pathogen is “to blame” for inflammation , where the focus of infection. Knowing which drugs and effects this pathogen is more sensitive, the specialist will correctly prescribe the treatment.

A professional doctor will try to do everything to exclude or reduce possible side effects. For him, it will be important whether the patient does not suffer from any chronic disease, whether there is pregnancy (to treat cystitis not to harm), as well as allergies to the drugs used.

Women should treat the treatment of cystitis more seriously, especially those who want to have children. After all, in the absence of treatment in women in 40-60% of cases, the causative agent of infection is transmitted from mother to child.

What is the treatment.

Treatment of cystitis is the administration of antibiotics and other medications. For effective treatment, hospitalization of the patient is not necessary. A woman who cares about her health will stay at home for several days, warmly, better in bed, taking medicines, drinking a lot and sticking to a diet that excludes everything that is spicy, sour, spicy and containing soups, cereals, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Sexual life during the period of treatment is excluded.

In women, cystitis treatment is often combined with the treatment of vaginal inflammation and normalization of its microflora.

Applied tablets and preparations.

Currently, there are many antibacterial drugs that cope well with cystitis. Among them, “Nolitsin” received good recommendations. It is accepted on 1tab. three times a day for 3-5 days.

An effective single-use antibiotic is “Monural” (phosphomycin trometamol). It is applied once: 3 g for a couple of hours before or after eating. It is better if this medicine is drunk before going to sleep on an empty stomach. It is important before emptying the bladder.

A bag of “Monural” is dissolved in a small amount of water. This drug has bactericidal properties and has the ability to selectively accumulate in the urinary system. After application, its concentration in the blood remains high for 2 days. “Monural” and analogues preparations in women, as a rule, do not give side effects. It is “Monural” perfectly tolerated, it is allowed to pregnant women.

Specialists have proved that the most effective three-day antibiotic therapy, but sometimes a seven-day course of treatment is necessary. Used “Monural” and Fluoroquinolones – “Norfloxacin” (400 mg), which take three days 2 times a day. An alternative to fluoroquinolones are tablets “Augmentin”, “Amoxiclav”, cephalosporins (3-4 generations.

A wide spectrum of action and highly effective “Bactrim” (“Biseptol”), appointed by 2 tab. twice a day. Other cystitis drugs used: Levofloxacin, Ciprofloxacin, Ofloxacin, Pefloxacin, Cefixime, Ceftibuten, Amoxicillin / Clavulanate, Cefuroxime Axetil, Furadonin.

Phytopreparations are also used, for example, tablets from cystitis “Cystone”, “Cystenal” or “Spasmocystenal” in drops. “Cyston” is a good vegetable uroseptic, which relieves busy people from the time spent on preparing medicinal kidney teas. The available anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and diuretic properties of this drug help to eliminate the symptoms of the disease. In addition, these tablets in women accelerate the main treatment.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect is provided by “Kanefron”, which includes: a thousand-thousandths a centner, a root of love, rosemary. It is also used in obstetrical practice for the treatment of cystitis in pregnant women. This medicine is required to take a longer period (about 2 weeks.

To restore the microflora of the vagina with cystitis, douching with “Bifidumbacterin.

To relieve severe pain in acute cystitis, it is recommended to use antispasmodics (“Atropine”, “Papaverin”). Apply heat, take hot baths only when there is no blood in the patient’s urine (otherwise the bleeding will increase). Other painkillers: “Nurofen”, “Pentalgin”, “Baralgin.

If a woman is pregnant, doctors recommend her the most harmless drugs: “Uroprofit”, “Monural”, “Kanefron.

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