Traditional medicine: remember your roots and cure yourself

Traditional medicine: remember your roots and cure yourself

Naturally, one should not rush to extremes from extreme to extreme, do not forget the annual campaign to doctors and medical examination, but sometimes ancient medications are popular, and you want to believe in them, and even better try everything on yourself, especially when you need it.

What is traditional medicine?

First of all, this is the laborious work of our ancestors, years of special efforts, experiments and the search for people to get rid of suffering. Our great-grandfathers believed in the connection between man and nature and relied on the help of nature to man. Each national recipe, this is the age-old wisdom of the people and the power of nature. And when it comes to the ancient secrets of our grandmothers, so generally the feeling of trust increases with unthinkable power. Whoever but they, the guardians of these secular secrets, can tell and cure us even with a kind word. Not excluding the fact that their words are special, conspiratorial. Well, we will not dig deeply, let’s study several techniques and find out what are they special and useful?

As my grandmother said, before you treat the disease, find out where it came from, so to speak, find the root of evil. I confess that I do not always follow her advice, sometimes it’s easier to go to a drugstore and buy yourself a regular medicine if your head hurts, and not make tea from incomprehensible herbs. But, at one point I was tired of stuffing my already weak body with various chemicals. I stopped trusting the inscriptions on the package, because it would be very expensive for companies to produce medicines if they were all 100% natural, but that’s not what this is about. And I decided to completely entrust my health to my esteemed grandmother, she certainly will not hurt me. Undoubtedly, I entrust any serious diseases only to doctors, and such as a headache or insomnia, of course, to my knowledgeable granny.

I will describe several recipes that crashed into my memory

The most insidious villain who comes unexpectedly is a cold. Take the usual mustard plaster and put on your heels in the evening before going to bed. Wrap your legs well and put on woolen socks. To hold the whole evening, in general, the longer, the better. The rhinitis must pass before morning. If not completely it has passed, rub a few roots of the horse-radish. Tears will wash away the entire cold. Better yet, eat a spoonful of horseradish with some dish. And a cold as it never happened.

Bleeding. If a woman works a lot physically and takes little care of her health, she may be tormented by excessive bleeding during menstruation. The recipe is simple, try to lighten the physical load a little and eat more efficiently. To improve health, you need to make an infusion of dog-rose, nettle. And when the bleeding started, brew horsetail (1 tablespoon per 1 tbsp water) and drink it on a quarter cup every 2-3 hours. When the bleeding decreases, drink three times a day. After a while everything is stabilized.

Disease of the bladder. This disease is the result of a cold, inflammation of the kidneys, sand or stones, improper nutrition. Here are some tips. Drink three times a day for a cup of tea from corn stigmas or from thin twigs of cherries, cherries. You can add a spoonful of honey to the tea. Make a decoction of St. John’s wort and a thousand-thousandth. Also exclude the use of watermelons and ripe grapes.

To be always healthy or at least maintain your body, you need to listen to what he wants, how he reacts to the outside world. Of course, you need to undergo a medical examination from qualified doctors, but also do not forget that we are children of nature, and that she will always come to our rescue.

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