Tolstushki laughter – it is necessary to lose weight?

You see a full woman in front of you. Let me guess what you said about it: “A fat woman is lazy, obviously not very healthy, weak-willed, does not watch herself, and personally she has some problems.” Prejudice comes from the belief that all people are the same. Ranking full to the second grade, we forget that everyone has their own problems, worries, their own genetics and not always the statement – “she is to blame” – corresponds to the truth. Let’s try to separate a little truth, from myths and exaggeration.

1. If you show will you can forever change your figure

The industry of dietary products, food additives and other goods for those who want to lose weight grows and gets stronger year after year. And the lack of “stably thinner”, you need to explain something. So they blame these poor people for their weakness. The will is nothing to do with. Such bullying, which are full people in an attempt to lose weight, skinny and did not dream. The problem is in the individual metabolism and the body’s reactions to stress. The organism perceives a lack of food as a threat to its existence and, at the first opportunity, restores its reserves and even in excess. So lose 10 kg and after 15, take 15 and get 20 it easily. Weight loss forever, it is impossible for 96-98% of people.

2. Thick to be harmful to health

The statement is rather controversial, and it is necessary to take into account a huge number of factors. Physicians are more likely to ask questions than they know the answers, and apparently in itself excess weight has not only drawbacks, but also some advantages. Just do not confuse excess weight with a sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition, it is really harmful. At least, it is definitely better to have a stable overweight, than to sit on a swing dropped-typed. Considering that stable weight loss is unattainable for the majority, the question of the connection of excess weight and health sounds meaningless. The main thing that you need to do is to try to be as healthy as possible, regardless of your weight. Tolstiks laughter – should you lose weight?

3. Full people – gluttons

Overeating is a psychological problem. Violations in eating behavior suffer both fat and thin. Only overweight is not an indicator, differentiate the cause and effect. Recent studies have shown that there is no fundamental difference in the diet of thin and fat people, either in quantity or in calorie content.

4. The bbws are ugly

Beauty is a matter of everyone’s taste, it is subject to fashion and the influence of interested parties. Advertising, the dietary industry, pharmaceuticals, make their money on this issue. So you want plenty of people to be dissatisfied with your body. By the way, 5-10% of people in an intimate life choose partners much larger than themselves, and since such a choice is not welcomed in our time, many people who prefer full partners just hide it.

We will not conclude in this article, leaving it to you. Let’s just say words from one well-known song: “Think for yourself, decide for yourself, have or not have” these extra pounds.

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