To pay or not to pay?

The miracle of the birth of a child … For every woman – this is the main moment in life, which defines her a new important and responsible role – she is a mother. But this joyful event is preceded by a whole nine months of waiting, unrest, anxiety and emotions. At this time, it is important to monitor the pregnancy and fetal development, control the health of the future mother and her psychological state.

Today every woman has the right to choose both a public and private medical institution, which will be observed during this period. Which option is better?

Significant advantages are the choice of paid pregnancy management:

– openness and accessibility of information. On the official website, anyone can get acquainted with information about the clinic, its permits, the services offered and their cost, specialists and work schedules. Here, you can find out about the equipment and devices used in the work, as well as get acquainted with medical methods and current programs. Also on the site you can learn more about paid pregnancy management;

– the possibility of online communication. For more information, make an appointment with a doctor or a survey, just fill out the online form;

– A woman is given the right to choose a supervising doctor at her own will, which will make the process of monitoring pregnancy more comfortable;

– a convenient visit time is determined by the patient herself, in agreement with the lead physician, while the time of the admission is not limited to a narrow time frame. Similarly, a record is made for procedures, examination and laboratory analyzes, which eliminates the waste of time on the waiting list;

– permanent telephone communication with a supervising specialist will provide prompt consultation at any time;

– The work of paid clinics is organized taking into account festive and weekend days, which makes it possible to get timely professional help from a doctor and minimize the risks of complications;

– the availability of modern equipment and equipment, all the necessary reagents for carrying out a full range of instrumental and laboratory studies allows to accurately detect pathology or diagnose the disease;

– on the basis of the clinic, a full examination can be completed by both spouses. The presence of a staff of specialized specialists and the technical capabilities of laboratories exclude the need to visit other medical institutions;

– The pregnancy management program is built on the priorities of an individual approach to each patient. The lead doctor will develop personal recommendations based on the results of the survey for each patient;

– documentary support is carried out on the basis of statutory requirements – an exchange card is being maintained, hospital sheets and a maternity leave sheet are provided. In the detection of cases of pathology, inpatient treatment is provided. Communication with the maternity hospitals of the city provides timely hospitalization in cases of serious complications or the onset of the birth process.

A fairly large list of the benefits of paid pregnancy management encourages future parents to seriously think about this option of observation. The main thing for a woman during this period is to realize that everything is under control and she is in good hands. His calmness and confidence mom will give the baby and he will grow up, waiting to meet with the new world.

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