Tips on how to become a successful woman

Tips on how to become a successful woman

On female destiny many tests drop out, thus everyone should be beautiful and well-groomed for the man, or for itself. Constant excuses, such as: “No time, I have work, home, children!”, “No money!”, “No opportunity!”, “I tried, but nothing happens!” – unwillingness to do yourself or elementary laziness. Learn to successfully combine work, household chores, caring for yourself and at the same time intelligently distribute the family budget.

Time VS life

Psychologists say that we are trying to establish an ideal order in things, if in our head is a complete mess. Maybe! But let there be order in one place, and then automatically displayed in the other. So, learn to use time rationally. A few rules to keep yourself in good shape and perfect spirits:

1. Get up early. As hard as you could not get up, wake up – go to the bathroom and start hygienic procedures. Wash with cold water – it will refresh. Brew your own coffee or green tea. Be sure to have breakfast – let it be fruit, milk or porridge. Look in your diary (where the day is pre-painted), and go to the mirror to do the make-up. Even a light make-up will give you freshness and self-confidence.

2. Be sure to plan your day and follow the tasks.

3. Try not to eat for a long time – can induce sleep or enter into a state of fatigue.

4. Select a few days a week for sports. Let it be your favorite direction in a comfortable environment.

5. Do not delay the case until the last. In the future, this violates self-discipline.

6. In the evening, read interesting books or magazines.

7. Watch your nails and hair. The first – should never be bitten and with peeling varnish, the second – always washed and beautifully laid.

8. Do not forget about epilation. The best option is a shugaring.

9. Eat the right foods and drink plenty of water to keep your body normal.

10. Learn to plan the menu, and prepare to eat on time. When there is excess time, prepare the ingredients, put on lunch or dinner, and continue to do other things. For this purpose, the multivark is ideal.

11. Periodically buy beautiful underwear and give time to your beloved man, introducing variety. Harmony in everything, give pleasure and peace of mind.

Psychology of economy

Who said that beauty and good food can not be cheap? Several recipes for reasonable savings will help you competently combine and combine rational solutions:

• Make a menu for a week, and buy those products, the remains of which will become part of another dish.

• Learn how to save resources: turn off the lights, clean dishes correctly. This will significantly affect the family budget, and will provide an opportunity to buy pleasant little things in the house or go to the beauty salon.

• Do a manicure yourself or in the salon with gel-varnish. This coating can be worn with care 4-5 weeks.

• Learn to alter and supplement with accessories obsolete models of clothes, or give preference to classics.

• Do not go for food or in a cafe on an empty stomach: at this time the most thoughtless and unnecessary costs are committed.

• Make a list before going to the store and take with you the right amount of money with a small margin. This precaution will not allow you to spend more than planned.

These tips will help you to establish everyday life, to become happier. Do not be a bore, but do not forget about self-discipline, because the lack of this quality – a barrier to social and personal growth.

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