Tips for feng shui to attract love

Tips for feng shui to attract love

If you have been lonely for a long time, you probably tried many ways to find a man: they looked at colleagues, asked for help from friends, registered on dating sites and finally decided to resort to magic. Feng Shui advice is sure to help you, but only if you dream of creating a strong family, but do not look for a man “for a tick”, deep down knowing that you do not need anyone.

Get rid of junk

Perhaps, this is the most difficult, but necessary part of the transformation of your home. It is very difficult to build love on the shards of past relationships, so down with all the items that remind you of former lovers. Alas, from teddy bears and postcards, donated by someone from your past, it is high time to get rid. You’re not going to go on a first date in a lace kit that you bought for another man a couple of years ago?

In some families, failures in personal life are transmitted from generation to generation, so if you are sleeping on your old lonely mother’s bed next to the carpet of your lonely grandmother, then it’s hard to expect that someone in your life will soon emerge, This temple of solitude for him simply does not have a place.

Say goodbye to your childhood. Get rid, at last, of everything that was dear to you in school days: children’s books, dolls, plush toys and other things. If you can not give them away, at least take it all away. The child will not be able to build a full-fledged family, so let go of your childhood and move on.

Strengthen the love sector

Learn the layout of your apartment. According to Feng Shui, the so-called love sector is in the south-eastern part of the apartment. Unfortunately, in many houses this sector falls on the bathroom or the kitchen. In this case, you can strengthen the south-eastern parts of all rooms, especially the one where you spend your lonely nights.

Love is associated with the elements of fire, so if in its sector you have an aquarium or a decorative fountain, romance will be intermittent. By the way, for the same reason it’s bad that in the zone of love there is a room with water (bathroom or kitchen), love constantly “flows” out of your life. To prevent this from happening, the “wrong” room can be “hidden”. For example, paint the door with red paint, hang a mirror or wind music on it outside.

In the bedroom remove from the southeastern sector all unnecessary and create there a kind of altar of love. For example, it can be a decorative fireplace, a shelf or a table where various romantic objects will be placed: candles, rounded stones (for example, pink quartz), lamps, images of hearts, vases. It is desirable that these items are paired. If you have any talismans to attract love, they place themselves in the coveted zone.

Love is associated with red, so the walls adjacent to the altar can be painted completely or partially in this color. If a pure red color is unacceptable for you or your household, choose any suitable shade (burgundy, coral, etc.), but not pink. It’s unlikely that your potential candidate will want to stay overnight in the “bedroom of the princess”.

As for the flowers, they should not be in the bedroom, because they scare away love, but in the living room vases with pions or roses, or their stylistic images, will perfectly fit into the zone of love.

Allocate a place for a man

Look around. If you have lived alone for a long time, there are probably too many things in your apartment with women’s energy: clothes, cosmetics, paintings, figurines, toys, etc. Take some of these things away, replacing them with something that men like. For example, hang a couple of posters with cars on the wall.

Remove everything that reminds you of loneliness. For example, single images of women (including their own photos). Replace them with images of beautiful men or, better yet, loving couples. If you are sleeping on a single bed, replace it with a double bed or at least slightly move it away from the wall to make room for a second person. Be sure to purchase a set of chic bed linen and sexy clothes for sleep. It’s unlikely you can lure a man with washed sheets and the same pajamas.

Let the “virtual” man who has his large slippers, waiting at the door, a towel and a beer mug “settle” in your house. He can even “forget” in your room a shirt or tie. Naturally, all these things should be new, not “inherited” from one of your former ones.

Believe in the best

If you build your home, in despair, it is unlikely that something good will come out of it. Even the fact that you have removed all the things that make you unpleasant memories are an important step in order to forget the unpleasant moments from your past and change the future. Surely you already feel that you are breathing easier, and the mood has improved noticeably.

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