Three reasons you must not do Headstand


The Headstand is called the King of all asanas because of having great advantages for the head and the body. All our physical and mental actions are regulated by the brain that is the seat of wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, discrimination and ability. As the blood circulation raises to the brain it also regenerates the nervous system and revitalises the head and the whole body.
Practice of this asana supplies the feeling of equilibrium and wellbeing and memory and concentration increases.

O The blood pressure on top of the head increases from 100/60 mm Hg in a standing posture to Headstand in the 150/110 mm Hg
Three Important Reasons you must not do headstand:

(1)Nevertheless, among the most significant reasons for not coming to the Headstand is when you’ve High Blood Pressure. Check with your physician in case you are fit to do this pose.

(2)Another reason to prevent the Headstand is when you’ve got poor eye blood vessels or any eye problems. You place your health in danger by blowing off your states.

(3)Headstand is better prevented during menstruation and pregnancy. You don’t need to feel heavy after your yoga course, so please relax and let others to fight with this pose.

Issued in interest of individuals practicing Hatha Yoga by Subodh Gupta, Yoga Specialist based in London.





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