Three reasons you must not do Cobra


The Cobra pose ruins all disorders and increases body heat?.

This pose is largely practiced as the first in the chain of backward bending asanas followed by Bow and Locust positions.
Before trying this strong movement of the Cobra model the warm up of the muscles of the back is firmly urged. The legs do active during holding the pose; they’re stretched down from the hips. While you begin lifting your upper body from the flooring know about the point at which you’ve extended as far as possible without straining your back. Keep your elbows slightly bent and don’t push it upward over your zone limit. The greatest method to check in case you are overly low would be to take your hands off the floor for an instant so the stature you find will be safe and cozy.

During Bhujangasana the back receives a strong backward reach which rejuvenates the spinal nerves, strengthens the back and raises flexibility of the back. Each vertebra of the spinal column is given an abundant supply of the blood. This position is superb tonic for girls as it tones uterus and the ovaries and it helps to ease the menstrual difficulties. Standard practice of the Cobra pose can the backache removed.

1) This asana must not be tried by pregnant girls at all price.

2) A man experiencing Hernia must not practice this pose.

3) If you’ve injured your back please, prevent this position.

Issued in the interest of individuals practicing Hatha Yoga by Subodh Gupta, Yoga Specialist based in London.





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