Three myths about losing weight

Three myths about losing weight

Show at least one girl who at least once in her life did not try to lose weight. Even slender women from time to time are thinking about diet. But it is especially difficult for fatty people – they are constantly hampered by three myths about losing weight, crossing the dreams of a slim figure.

Myth number 1 – useful – You can lose weight locally

Many girls tend to “get rid” of the stomach or full thighs, and begin to intensively train these parts of the body. However, everything happens with accuracy and vice versa. Muscles increase in volume and you look even more full. True, the press and thighs are tightened. Therefore, this myth refers to useful misconceptions.

But how to make certain parts of the body lose weight? Part of this can help complex bodyflex. But remember that fat always goes away evenly. So for weight loss you need to combine a balanced diet and load on all muscle groups. However, first deal with the largest – legs and thighs. The larger the area of ​​the muscle, the more it consumes energy and, therefore, burns more fat. Naturally, a tightened press is beautiful and healthy, but to reduce the stomach and narrow the waist of his workout will not help. You can pick up the tummy by studying the breathing technique bodyflex.

Myth number 2 – dangerous – For losing weight you need to drink a laxative, diuretic and do enemas

Truly, there are no limits to human credulity. All the described drugs perform a very definite function – they remove the excess (and even necessary) liquid from the body and purify the intestine of toxins (and useful microflora, among other things). By the way, it is on these principles that all advertised drugs for weight loss, like Orsotene, Reduxine and Xenical, are built. Of course, the ladies are happy – on the scales plumb line, but the fat is something like it was, and stayed. Plus, the constant washing away of useful microflora and dehydration of the body to the good have not led anyone. So abandon these “miracle” methods once and for all.

Myth number 3 – questionable – Hoodey, you can not eat carbohydrates

Have you ever wondered where the feet of the myth about the stupid crooks grow? It’s simple – they do not eat carbohydrates. As a result, the brain remains without food. First, the decline in intellectual activity will make itself felt in the form of attention distraction, loss of concentration and slight irritability. Then you will quickly get tired of any mental work. And, if you do not stop in time and do not return at least slow carbohydrates to the diet, a specter of hypoglycemia will loom ahead.

So the harm of carbohydrates is pulled by the ears. Naturally, you should not abuse sweet and flour. But to eat whole-grain bread, cereals and fiber, it is necessary.

In general, everything is good in moderation – assimilate it and lose weight on health!

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