These 5 steps will help you become an early bird

These 5 steps will help you become an early bird

How you start your day depends entirely on your mood for the whole day. However, most people start their day with inhibition, they constantly press the “repeat” button on the alarm clock, telling their subconscious that they do not have the self-discipline to even get out of bed in the morning, leaving it alone to fight for happiness, health and well-being.

The “repeat” button on the alarm clock does not make sense, it seems to say: “You do not like waking up in the morning, so do it again and again.”

As soon as the alarm clock rang, take it as the first gift of a new day. This gift is the time to move even closer to your dream, to work on your goals and tasks while the rest of the world is asleep.

If it were not for the steps listed below, I myself would “repeat” my awakening every morning and cling to my old beliefs that I will never become an early bird.

How to motivate yourself to wake up early and create an excellent day when the level of your morning motivation is 1 or 2 on a 10-point scale?

Go through the next five steps, which are fairly simple and easy and you will not have excuses, that you can not become an early bird and win the day out of the day.

Step 1. Set a goal before you go to bed

Your first thought after you wake up must be the same as the last one before you go to sleep. Many can not sleep for a long time before some major event, be it a holiday or a trip, because this is an exciting event for them. After the alarm clock rises, they instantly open their eyes and enthusiastically get out of bed to meet a new day.

On the other hand, if you have in your head something like: “so reluctant to get up early tomorrow, again I will not get enough sleep”, then after the alarm goes off, you will think “it can not be 6 AM, I want to Sleep! “

The key to consciously starting a new day is to consciously plan it the night before.

Step 2. Put the alarm clock away from the bed

If you have not already done so, then take the alarm clock away from the bed as far as possible. This will make you get out of bed and start moving. By the way, this moment is very invigorating. However, if you still decide to leave the alarm clock within the reach of the hand, then most likely you will press the “repeat” button.

Step 3. Brushing your teeth

Give time to your body to wake up. After you turned off the alarm, head straight to the bathroom, brush your teeth and wash with cold or warm water. These simple actions will help you increase your morning motivation from level 1 or 2 to level 3 – 4.

Step 4. Drink a full glass of water

This step is extremely important. After 6 or 8 hours without water, you are “slightly” dehydrated, which makes you feel tired. Often, when people feel tired, they need to drink water, and not to sleep.

After you have drunk a glass of water, your motivation will grow by another 1 or 2 points.

Step 5: Charge

After visiting the bathroom you are ready for morning exercises. Some people prefer to start the day by standing in the shower. However, before you take a shower, you need to sweat. Morning exercise will help you to open your potential and lead your body, brain and emotions into a readiness mode to start a new day and win.

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