The youth of the soul – the art does not grow old

The youth of the soul - the art does not grow old

We all are afraid to grow old. The word “age” especially scares women – in our minds it often becomes synonymous with unattractiveness, loneliness, a sense of uselessness. And, perhaps, humanity has never so deified its youth as at the beginning of the third millennium.

To know art is not aging – nowadays the goal of every woman, and to comprehend this science, she begins, without exaggeration, from her youth, buying up anti-aging creams, sweating in fitness rooms and asking for plastic surgery and Botox injections for the future. And it is especially sad that “brave warriors” know in advance that sooner or later they will lose. After all, even in the epic about Gilgamesh, created two thousand years before our era, the protagonist, having passed thousands of trials, still got from the bottom of the ocean a flower of eternal youth, but he could not use it …

But still there are those who manage to stay out of age. These are beautiful women. They are not “stylish”, not “pretty”, not “sexy” – they are beautiful. They recognized and loved themselves as they are: with the shortcomings of appearance that each of us has, with the nonclassical form of the nose and with his own, inherited lips and breasts. Having overcome his career, success, self-sufficiency and social status, they realized that the main thing in life is life itself, and learned to enjoy every moment of it. They ceased to strive for excellence and found the person who is so needed by each of us – ourselves, the real ones.

They do not suffer from depression, because they are never bored. They do not complain that life is far from ideal, because they know how to transform dreams into goals. They know: there are so many interesting things around! And they never tire of learning. They string their own daily discoveries on the thread of their lives, creating a beautiful design adornment. They raise children and grandchildren, write pictures, conquer peaks – and everything they do!

They do not follow the fashion: they left the “trends” and “brands” to their grown-up daughters. They wear jewelry that they like, not “from the fashion designer” and not to show: they say, “I have diamonds.” They wear maxi, midi or mini, because it’s beautiful, and not to “be in a trend in this fashionable season.” And they smile incredulously when they hear about themselves the “style icon”.

They do not sit on diets and have long given up calorie counting. They know that bright, interesting, full of love life is much more effective than any Hollywood diets. They do not hang on the refrigerator postulates from coaches on time-management, they just have time everywhere, while not going anywhere. Communicating, they do not understate their age, they do not flirt: “A woman is not asked how old she is …” Although it hardly comes to your mind to ask them about the years, because they are beyond age. They do not ask the question “what to do in order not to grow old?”. They look to the future without fear, because they know: the further, the more interesting it is to live.


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