The true role of women

The true role of women

In modern society, male and female roles are often closely intertwined. A woman can embody the strength, purposefulness and rigidity of a man in working relationships, while trying to be gentle, soft and weak at home, with the family. Is it correct? How long can you balance several roles, remaining balanced?

To begin with, it is necessary to determine the circle of truly female responsibilities and features. In accordance with the canons of the Vedic culture, a woman is a special, sublime being. It is well given to creation, creation of a peaceful, cozy, happy atmosphere of the home. The wife inspires and supports all the good things that already exist in the husband and children.

Here are a few areas of life in which the female role is clearly manifested.

1) The monetary sphere.

A woman has a great power to inspire. With the help of praise and the belief that her man can do more, she guides him to the right goals. What successes the husband achieves, in many respects depends on the behavior of his wife. At the same time, she takes special thanks to the efforts and efforts of the man to ensure their joint family.

2) Attraction.

A woman should always try to be the most beautiful and attractive for her man. This applies not only to joint ventures “to the light”, but much more moments of seclusion, life, home environment. This task provides for the ability and ability to attract the attention of a man, to emphasize his view of the difficulties, problems and needs of his wife.

3) Be the only one.

What is meant by this item? When marrying a certain person, a woman quite reasonably expects her man to be faithful. A man is so arranged that when he meets a woman, he ALWAYS is considering the possibility of a relationship with her. Therefore, a wise wife stops her husband’s attempts to have a friendly relationship involving confidential conversations with persons of the opposite sex. Noticing her husband’s interest in another woman, she gently, calmly, without showing signs of jealousy, speaks of her feelings, in no way reproaching. There is no room for criticism and anger.

4) Open to her husband.

According to the Bible, the husband also owns his wife. What does it mean? Only he has the key to her heart. As a consequence, a woman shares her thoughts, feelings and feelings exclusively with her husband. In trust, there is no place for other men.

5) To give rest.

Returning home, the husband should always meet a friendly, comfortable environment. No matter what problem or, conversely, the joy he encountered, the first will be to share it with his wife in their joint home.

6) Keep the hearth.

Order and delicious food are very important. This aspect is always relevant, regardless of which era is outside the window.

7) Specificity.

In the spheres for which the woman is responsible, only she is the main one. Accordingly, if by virtue of circumstances she needs the help of her spouse, the requests must be sufficiently specific. Need to buy something? It is necessary to make a list. Is there a problem with the attitude of the husband to some problem? It is necessary to clearly determine in their feelings, and to convey to the man the desired result. It is important for him to have a specific task, a focus on the result.

8) Organizationality.

The role of mastermind on the part of women is important here. Do not tell the man what and how he should do around the house. Need to replace the lamp? It is worth saying: “Dear! How cozy in our house in bright light! “, As a real man immediately take up the matter! The same goes for quarrels. Any man hard to admit their mistakes, believing that it makes him weak. The initiative must come from a woman. She is the bearer of the world. Over time, noticing the behavior of the wife, the husband will begin to correct.

9) To value the husband.

A man with whom a woman was married should be the one and the best for her. Respect is the basis of the family. If a married couple is in the company of other people, a woman should try to be close to her man. So she will show that he is the main focus of her interests.

In any case – the main thing is love. Do not wait for something in return, insist on your own. Embodying the above qualities, a woman by her behavior will gradually direct the man into the right direction. The husband, seeing the efforts of his wife, will be ready for everything. This is precisely the true role of this woman – to inspire the man.

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