The rules of the first date: that everything went perfectly

The rules of the first date: that everything went perfectly

According to statistics, 70% of potential suitors disappear from the woman’s sight after the first date. To prevent such a threat, you should make every effort to prepare and hold the first romantic meeting.

Take care of appearance

Whatever one may say, they meet all the same on clothes. Therefore, to look on the first date is worthy. This does not mean that you will have to fork over branded things: not all men are able to recognize shoes from Christian Louboutin or a handbag from Chanel. The main thing to have a stylish, sexy look (that is, a favorite sports suit and a stretched T-shirt will not do).

It is better to choose clothes that will emphasize all the available dignity of the figure – a beautiful chest, long legs or a narrow waist. It is also important to feel comfortable in such clothes, so that you do not have to convulsively pull back the skirt or constantly adjust the bodice of the dress.

Do not Command

The man is also getting ready for his first date. Surely he has already thought out where you will go, what you will order, how long you will be in a restaurant, etc. Therefore, having received an invitation to go to a particular place, do not hurry to refuse. You can say “like-dislike”, but your final decision should be made by your partner.

Do not show emotion

The first date, of course, is important, but not fatal. So do not panic. Excessive excitement can manifest itself in awkward movements, trembling of hands or voice, tongue-tied speech, a glancing look. Seeing this, the potential cavalier will be exactly frightened. If you can not cope with the excitement, you can say about it directly or translate it all into a joke: “I usually behave differently, but you make me nervous today.” This phrase is sure to amuse male pride and make a man to show you even more interest.

Do not talk about your ex

Many girls on the first date try to give as much information about their previous relationship. At the same time, talking about them, they represent themselves in the best possible way, and the former partner in the worst. This can not be done categorically. First, conversations about the former testify that the emotional connection between you and him has not been completely broken: you still think about him, take offense at him and can not leave the past altogether. Secondly, the person who invited you to a date of a young man may get the impression that you are basically bad about men, you can not appreciate what you have.

Filter conversation threads

You can not ask a man on his first date about his income and prospects in his career. It is better just to show interest in what he does. Do not also try to find out about his former connections or about what kind of girls he likes.

Choose neutral topics that you can discuss endlessly. These are hobbies, friends, childhood memories. Particular interest should be shown to hobbies. If a man starts to talk about his hobby, it will be difficult to stop him. You will only have to listen carefully, so that he will conclude that you are an ideal companion.

Balancing on the Edge

Psychologists say: men are scared away by too cold, too accessible, too silent, too talkative women. How can a girl on her first date express herself?

You have to balance on the brink and act on the situation, relying on your own intuition. The main thing is to observe the measure in everything. Do not be silent, but do not burden the interlocutor with all your problems. Do not hang around your neck, but at the same time show interest. In general, it is necessary to use all the instruments of flirting and do it so masterly that the man does not guess anything.

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