The Psychological Side of Diseases

The Psychological Side of Diseases

Have you ever thought about why your body begins to speak to you with the disease language? Thus, it requires that you become aware of something, change the way you think and act. The body suffers, saying that you have reached a certain emotional, physical and mental limit. So it’s time for you to get rid of the internal destructive attitudes.

This is said by Liz Burbo (the famous psychologist) in his interesting book “Your body says: love yourself!”. There are described about 500 of the most well-known diseases, the reasons for their occurrence are indicated and tips for their rapid elimination are indicated. Also, you can benefit from Louise Hay table of diseases. To cure the disease it is enough to understand its root cause, and then treat it with affirmations or other methods.

Here is a brief description of the root causes of the most common diseases:

Bronchitis. This illness is associated with family problems. You are worried that you do not dare to enter into a frank conflict and from this you fall into despondency. Do not be influenced by others, do not take everything too close to your heart, defend your territory.

Angina. Such an insidious disease is often caused by anger, which arises from the fact that something you can not do. You are too critical not only to others, but to yourself. You need to learn to experience difficult situations with great understanding and love.

Flu. They suffer those who do not know how to clearly formulate requirements and manifest their desires. If you often feel yourself a victim, then the flu is practically your life companion. Reconsider your relationships with people, learn to calmly and confidently defend your own position and interests.

Sneeze. If you often sneeze, it is the body’s response to a certain stimulus. That is, something or someone takes you out of balance. Do not suppress your emotions, try in a situation to find something useful for yourself, express your true attitude to what is happening, try to be sincere.

Coryza. This is a very common problem caused by confusion amid a certain confusing situation. You want to quickly find a solution, but do not know exactly where to start. Do not try to do everything at once! Decide first with priorities, and only then start to act.

Liz Burbo says that for a quick recovery, it is not enough to understand the situation, to find the cause of the disease. It is important to learn to accept and forgive yourself!

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