The power of a woman: what is it?

The power of a woman: what is it?

If you think about childhood, you can remember how if something happened not pleasant at school or on the street we ran home to my mother. There was a certainty that she would calm, kiss, protect, protect from unpleasantness, cover with soft warmth and all adversity would recede. Even as an adult, we are looking for this protection, this shield from adversity.

But this is the same female energy that is an integral part of any woman, but from which the modern ladies turn so stubbornly. In especially neglected cases, one can see that women even believe that they were born in the female body in vain, that this is kind of like punishment.

Unwillingness to bow your head to men causes a number of problems in the life of such ladies. As popular, was the image of “bitch”, which is like a tree – beautiful, and cuddle in any way. Of course, such women can achieve much in life, but at the cost of renouncing their natural qualities, qualities of love and motherhood. Is the image of the mother associated with an impregnable ice floe?

A typical problem of modern women was their excessive independence, independence and rejection of male help, and as a result of loneliness. Men internally rebel against such behavior of women, they are not weak, they adapt to such ladies, or reject them. The woman’s selfishness turns into the selfishness of her partner. Women deceive themselves, saying that they are women only because they are beautiful and sexy look. Dress and heels will not give feminine gentleness and submission.

Men want nice women who will not doubt them, correct, criticize, compete with them. In fact, humble, submissive women are much happier in their relationships with men, because such women understand that their strength lies in sensual pleasures, intuition, love, a sense of belonging to something magical and powerful. They fill their partner with love, gentleness, care and, accordingly, receive the same attitude in response. Maybe if the ladies forgot about their stubbornness, selfishness, returned to the source of their strength, then our life, our way of existence on the planet, would change.

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