The onset of seizures in the legs during pregnancy

Sharp and painful cuts in the leg area often annoy pregnant women, such feelings are called cramps. Many of them are familiar, arise abruptly and unexpectedly, sometimes even in the middle of the night. Their appearance may indicate that there are certain irregularities in the functioning of the organism or complications during pregnancy.

Among the reasons that provoke the appearance of seizures, there is a deficiency of vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium and calcium. This lack of necessary substances can occur with severe toxicosis accompanied by vomiting, the body loses them in large numbers and does not have time to restore balance in time. In addition, the baby is constantly growing, its need for nutrients is significantly increased, so you need to pay special attention to the balanced and nutritious nutrition of the future mother. If the food is not enough, then with the permission of the doctor to drink special vitamin complexes.

Reduced hemoglobin levels, changes in blood sugar, or varicose veins can also cause seizures. You should be especially spicy with drinks that contain caffeine, as it is involved in dehydration and muscle tension, which causes their cramps. With an increase in the pregnancy period, the uterus exerts a stronger pressure on all organs, sometimes experiencing the lower vena cava, in which case convulsions may also appear. Therefore, you should try not to sleep on your back or right side, especially in the third trimester.

If an attack of leg cramps has begun, try to pull their fingers toward you, relax and then repeat the movement. When they stop, massage your feet, you need to warm up your muscles. Then you can lie down, legs should be raised on the pillow. In order not to provoke the occurrence of seizures, follow a few simple rules, they will help to avoid unpleasant sensations.

Do not wear a high heel, the maximum allowed – 5 cm, if there are varicose diseases, it will be nice to use special tights or stockings. Accustom to lie and sleep on your left side, if this is impracticable, then lie under the right buttock a small pillow so as not to squeeze the lower vena cava, in addition to cramps, this causes a circulatory disturbance, which is undesirable for the baby.

You are contraindicated in heavy loads and a prolonged stay on your feet, if you had to stand for a long time, try to rock back and forth from the heel to your socks and back. Such exercises restore blood flow in the calf muscles. During rest, it is advisable to raise your legs to a small elevation, and before going to bed you should make baths with sea salt. This will relieve tension from tired muscles, help them relax and prevent the appearance of seizures.

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