The most useful beverages for the benefit of the body

The most useful beverages for the benefit of the body

Everyone in our time is aware that for a full-fledged life of our body requires a certain amount of fluid. In this material we will tell you about all kinds of drinks that bring benefits to our body, fill it with life-giving moisture, supply it with various useful substances, and some drinks also help to lose weight.

At the head of the top list of healthy drinks, stands – green tea.

Green tea contains phenolic compounds, such compounds are excellent antiseptics and antioxidants from nature, and, of course, fluoride, which is also found in green tea, it acts positively on bones and teeth – strengthening their composition. In general, green tea can be said a lot, for example, green tea is used to prevent cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases, such qualities are inherent in it due to its biochemical composition. Moreover, in green tea, the amount of calories tends to zero.

In addition to green tea, ginger drink is often used for weight loss, some people call it ginger tea. To its positive qualities can be attributed accelerated metabolism, the withdrawal of the body of toxins, this drink can be warmed, and during the diet, it gives the body strength.

Milk refers to the record holders for the content of vitamin D and calcium. A big plus for the body is considered to contain exactly such ingredients in tandem, this allows him to quickly assimilate them. In addition, the milk contains a large number of proteins and carbohydrates, thanks to which our body has such a pleasant feeling of saturation. Also, milk, namely carbohydrates, has a positive effect on blood, they normalize and stabilize the level of sugar in our blood.

If you sit on a diet, then in this case it is recommended to drink milk with a fat content of not more than one percent, in this proportion, 250 grams of milk will contain no more than 120 kcal.

The least caloric – soy milk. So in 250 grams of soy milk contains only 81 calories. In all there are pluses and minuses, soy milk is no exception.

Pros of soy milk:

It contains special dietary fibers and proteins that lead to normal levels of blood cholesterol, in this regard, using soy milk produce prevention body in order to prevent the progressive increase of diseases of the vascular system and the heart.

Minuses of soy milk:

To the great chagrin it lacks those vitamins that are in regular milk – vitamins D and A, and also there is no calcium. There is always a way out. “Even if you were eaten, you have two ways out”, soymilk producers are also aware of its shortcomings and therefore, they have released a new product enriched with the necessary minerals. There is one more drawback of soy milk, if you “God forbid” belong to the risk group for the progressive development of breast cancer, then soy milk, such people should not be used.

Next on the agenda is cocoa and hot chocolate. These products can boldly boast of a multitude of antioxidants, and these drinks help the body in the production of serotonin. Do you know why chocolate and cocoa raise a person’s mood? Everything is very simple, part of the sweet serotonin, it just affects the emotional state of a person. Hot chocolate, like soy milk, reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease. In 250 grams of chocolate drink or cocoa contains about 200 kcal.

A very useful drink is unsalted juice from tomatoes. Its use is to protect the body from the oxidative process, this quality is inherent in tomato juice due to the lycopene contained in it. Due to these properties, tomato juice is used for prevention of cardiovascular and oncological diseases. Moreover, tomato juice is a low-calorie product. There is a certain table of caloric content of foods, according to her data, tomato juice is 43 kcal.

Cranberry juice, similar to tomato juice, is useful for humans, although it contains more calories – 140 kcal, there are pluses, this juice is incredibly useful for gums, and it also destroys the inflammatory processes of the urinary tract well. Drink one glass of tomato juice a day or cranberry, but without sugar.

Orange juice is no less useful because it contains a large amount of vitamin C and folic acid, it is recommended to drink this juice for pregnant women in particular, because folic acid normalizes the development of the fetus. In one glass of juice contains – one hundred fifteen kcal.

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