The main rules in the fight against extra pounds

Many women are not happy with their weight, figure and all their life they either fight with extra pounds, or drop their hands and quietly hate themselves. If you want to become the owner of a beautiful figure, you must follow the simple rules that are described in this article.

The main rules in the fight against extra pounds:

1. The main thing is to start right

You can not treat the observance of simple rules of proper nutrition as a terrible test. After all, then unconsciously you begin to absorb everything that gets under your arm in time to “replenish” our reserves before you drive yourself into the framework called “diet”. And the closer the day on which the beginning is planned, the more you want to pamper yourself with something tasty. And this “farewell” to your favorite dishes already gives an increase to the already overweight.

Council. Do not enter into a very strict framework at once, start with small restrictions, for example, start with excluding sugar from your diet, and after flour products from white flour, and so on, and thus, it will be easier for you to get used to living without many “bad” Products, which are so used to.

2. Eat often, but little by little

Many in pursuit of harmony do not want to wait long for the result and the diet turns into starvation. But do not be fooled, that in this way, weight loss will be very rapid. So our organism is arranged, that with a long absence of food, it includes an “economical regime” and ceases to consume calories. And this greatly complicates the loss of hated fat. As a result, weakness, nausea, metabolic disorders, and “frozen” numbers on the scales.

Council. In no case do not go to extremes and do not give up normal nutrition. The correct diet consists of five to seven meals. But the size of each serving should be small (should fit in a glass). This portion is easily digested and quickly consumed by the body. And you do not feel hungry, because you eat every 2-4 hours.

3. Calorie counting

It’s no secret that it is the amount of calories consumed that determines how much weight we will have. It is impossible to lie on the couch with a huge piece of cake and lose weight. Those calories that we used but did not use, turn into fats. For each person the necessary daily calorie rate is individual. But if you decide to lose weight, then your daily allowance should not exceed 1500 kilocalories.

Council. Start a notebook in which you write down everything you ate during the day. Count the number of calories consumed per day and, if necessary, adjust your diet. Do not be scared, 1500 kilocalories per day is not so little. For example, one hundred grams of potatoes contain less than 100 kilocalories, cucumbers only 15 kilocalories, in 100 grams of chicken 135-195 kilocalories. And remember, your diet should be balanced and contain enough vitamins and minerals. Otherwise, you can severely damage your health.

4. Drink water

Since the school we are taught that the human body is 80% water. Water is involved in many of the biochemical processes of our body. And even the process of losing weight without water is simply impossible. There are even special water diets.

Council. Drink a day at least two liters of water. This helps improve metabolism and, as a consequence, weight loss. But drink only table water without gas. If you suffer from a severe attack of hunger, drink a glass of water, so you can “deceive” your body and dull the feeling of hunger.

5. Do not forget about physical activities

No diets will not give good results without physical exertion. Burning extra calories is our goal! Give at least half an hour a day to intensive physical exercises, and the results will not be long in coming. You will not only lose extra pounds, but also make your figure beautiful, elastic and tight.

Council. Choose a lesson for yourself, because you need to do with pleasure and not through strength. Physical stress should be a pleasure, not a burden. For example, if you like to dance, engage in dance aerobics.

The process of weight loss is a process that requires a lot of work on oneself. But the result will not take long. And most importantly, remember that this is not a short-term “action”, but a way of life. After all, a return to old habits will bring all your efforts to naught.

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