The main mistakes of losing weight

The main mistakes of losing weight

Overweight became a global problem of the 21st century. From the pages of magazines, TV screens and billboards look models with an ideal body. Naturally, this can not but stimulate ordinary people to look the same. This is mainly true of the female part of humanity. Probably, only a few are not concerned today with the fight against excess weight, although for some it is not.

Sedentary lifestyle, work in office buildings, movement on private vehicles, rest in public institutions, all this affects the appearance of fat deposits in people even relatively young. Also, the wrong food, snacks on the go, fast food, as well as other nutritional surpluses that most of the megalopolises began to allow themselves – these are the main reasons for the problems with the figure. And if three or four decades ago these problems started after reaching middle age, today they concern even the youngest representatives of the society.

How to lead a successful fight against obesity? What are the main mistakes in this fight?

1. The most common mistake is that those who want to lose weight, waking up one morning, decide to do it as quickly as possible. Such individuals resort to hunger strikes, mono diets (in which one product is used) and a sharp decrease in their diet. So do not in any way impossible. Our body is a competent competent mechanism. If he sharply ceases to get his usual nutritional reserves, he begins to panic and stock up for future use. Those who start eating on this principle, first and truth begin to lose weight sharply, but then stagnation occurs, and when returning to the usual diet, a set of body weight that can even exceed the original weight.

So, the first rule, to make adjustments to your diet should be gradually, without traumatizing the body.

2. The second mistake is weight loss without physical exertion. With weight correction, sport should become an important component leading to the cherished goal. Many begin to adhere to proper nutrition, but absolutely ignore physical activity. It has been repeatedly proved that fat burning occurs only with an increased pulse, which is achieved by physical exertion on the body. Those who try to lose weight without sports, really lose weight in the beginning, however, often it is only the withdrawal of excess water from the body. There will be no further result, or it will be minimal.

So, the second rule is regular exercise, even twice a week, but they must be present.

3. The third mistake – along with food, slimming reduces water consumption. This can not be done either. The body needs water, it removes excess toxins, favorably affects the skin condition. Drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day. With proper nutrition, it will not stay in the body and will not give you excess weight or volume.

4. The fourth mistake is the reduction in the number of meals. Many are exhausted by hunger strikes, allowing themselves to eat once a day. It’s definitely not worth doing. In this case, the rule considered in the first paragraph will work. The body will start to store. You need to eat more often, but portions should be small. Naturally, we will have to give up harmful food (from roast, flour, smoked, high-calorie foods).

So, only the main mistakes that are allowed by people entering into the fight against excess weight are considered. If we approach this struggle sensibly, then everything will turn out. Just do not despair and give up on the first setbacks, most importantly – focus on the result, everything will turn out, even if not immediately. It is necessary to remember: “Moscow was not built immediately.”

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