The Journey Of Yoga Through Head

Yoga is easy, and a transformative art.

After all, we extend muscles at the fitness center during a warm up. So what’s the fundamental difference between routine and yoga work outs, including pilates.

But in focusing on it within our body, and yoga, through the breath, we come to a greater comprehension of ourselves and our body. We start a more conscious relationship with our identity. We meet with that exceptional expression of ourselves expressing physically in that instant. And we’re capable to start a process of altering that which is obstructing the critical flow of our energy.

That’s why it does not matter what state we’re in when we start practising a yoga pose. We diverted, or might be stiff, or in pain, than normal. It’s a journey of discovery, not of attempting to fit ourselves into a thought that is outside, even if the yoga position represents in that instant that thought we’re attempting to do. Desikachar writes the body can “just slowly accept an asana”. We judge ourselves, if we cannot fit into that position, or shouldn’t strive ourselves.

Another important point is made by Desikachar: “We should stay flexible so that we’re still capable to respond to changes in our expectations and old thoughts. The more distanced we’re from the fruits of our labours, the better we can do this…

They enable us to be aware and sensitive to what’s actually going on inside us, and in life. This self knowledge that is growing subsequently supplies a more complete image in which our results to whatever we are confronted by situations more correctly represents what’s actually present to us. There’s a deeper battle that goes beyond the vagrancies of the mastery of our preconceptions and expectations, the self doubt, the head, or our demand for something to be a particular manner.

When we’re distracted or preoccupied with doubts, worries, and concerns, and even trust that’s attached to an outcome (demand), the essential energy of our entire being is leaking, diffused. Through yoga exercise, we’re able to clear the detritus, to redirect our energy that is diffused within, to sit our being, within the body . This is a dynamic facet of self mastery.

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