The inspiring force of massage

The inspiring force of massage

It is not known exactly where the given kind of treatment originated, because this is how you can qualify massage for its soothing effect on the painful points of the human body. One can only guess at the origins of the massage, because the development of this industry was in parallel with ancient folk medicine.

At the dawn of the development of mankind, massage was used in the form of rubbing and pokolachivaniya place of injury, to ease the pain. In times of knightly battles, the Romans made similar manipulations to destroy bruises and bruises on the body.

The concept itself means rubbing the body of a person, whose goal is to achieve a relaxing and healing effect. Massage can be done not only on the surface of the table and sitting on a chair, but also under the water (hydromassage), or standing, taking on the body a jet of water, for example, a circular shower. There is a special massage equipment, which can be bought here

To enhance the effect, as well as not to damage the skin use a variety of oils as aromatic, so fragrant, ointments and gels.

The masseurs give a greater preference to special aromatic oils, as they have an immediate purpose, ensuring the sliding of the fingers and a special effect on the one who is massaged.

Most scientists describe such types of massage:

– strengthening is mainly intended for small children who have not yet developed muscles and in order to help the child walk properly and actively move, exercises have been developed to strengthen different muscle groups of crumbs.

– Relaxing is used to relieve tension and fatigue after a day’s work, or with muscle spasms to restore motor activity. During such a massage, all the processes in the body slow down and begin their quiet planned rest.

– Preparatory often refers to the category of sports massage and serves to improve the physical abilities of athletes, because it prepares the muscles for the upcoming loads, giving them greater elasticity;

– Restorative is used mainly after training, competitions and helps to quickly return to normal and improve the performance of athletes. This kind of massage is the most common, because immediately during the session, it gives energy.

Receptors of the skin and muscles of a person react to external stimuli and are transmitted to the central nervous system. Depending on the flow of impulses, the masses either tones or relaxes the person.

The healing power of massage will never lose its relevance, because there is no more effective way of relaxation and recovery.

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