The influence of vegetarianism on women’s well-being

Vegetarianism has become very popular in recent decades, and in this article we will look at the impact of vegetarianism on such a delicate phenomenon in the life of women as critical days. I propose to name them “Days X” for convenience. More than once on the Internet I came across articles of specialists and reviews of ordinary women about the benefits of vegetarian nutrition for women’s health. Namely, in terms of PMS and the days of H. I decided to check this on myself.

The image of nutrition significantly affects our state of health in those most troublesome days. In particular, the rejection of flour, fatty, fried and spicy for a week or two before these days helps to significantly reduce discomfort. All this, of course, is true, but, as practice shows, even properly eating young ladies do not always avoid the strongest pains in the days of X. Some of my acquaintances at this time and fainted, and experienced nausea, and literally “sat” on an anesthetic. Well, what I tell you – you know how it is.

When I became a Pesqueretian (I refused meat, but ate fish and seafood), I expected the expectation of positive changes in health as a possible bonus, not the main goal. But, after six months, with all the inherent objectivity and insidiousness, I can say: yes, everything is true. After a couple of months of giving up meat, I began to feel the changes in my state of health, and now it’s simply impossible not to notice them. And most clearly it is in terms of “female” health.

I will not go into the delicate details, because the case is still intimate, but with absolute certainty I can confirm statements that vegetarianism

– completely eliminates or significantly reduces the symptoms of PMS;

– reduces the pain in days X to zero or to a minimum; and

– generally facilitates the flow and reduces the duration of days X.

Of course, I realize that the important thing here is that I do not smoke, I rarely drink, and in general I try to follow a healthy lifestyle. However, none of this before gave such an effect as a rejection of meat. In my diet occasionally get seafood, so I’m not an absolute vegetarian. And, nevertheless, the result is obvious. I do not know whether the partial refusal of meat will have such an effect, say, a week before the days of X – I do not presume to assume. But my experience, and even such a positive, could not but share with the readers.

By the way, I met opinions that vegetarians on “these” days hardly stand on their feet from weakness – they say, anemia begins because of the lack of meat in the diet. Stupidity is all this. If a woman has any particular ailments, features or health problems, she, of course, will feel unwell – but vegetarianism has nothing to do with it. Lack of certain vitamins and trace elements can also cause malaise even in the “omnivorous” woman – do not neglect them.

And on the forums of mothers-vegans, I have often met descriptions of almost painless births and a perfectly flowing pregnancy. I am unlikely to ever become a vegan, but I hope that less strict vegetarianism will play its positive role here. Just to test this hypothesis in practice I can still, probably, not soon.

Summarizing the written, I will note: vegetarianism is not a panacea for all women’s ailments, of course. It should be discounted for chronic and hereditary diseases, living conditions, stress, body characteristics, in the end. I admit that the impact of vegetarianism on every single woman will be different.

I await your opinions, dear girls, and I wish you good health.

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