The Importance of a Healthy Sleep

The Importance of a Healthy Sleep

Everyone needs to regain strength after an active day. Someone needs 5-6 hours to recover, and some do not have 8-9 hours. What determines the quality of sleep and why it is possible to wake up in the morning already “broken” and not getting enough sleep?

It is necessary to analyze what happens immediately before bed. The best and right is the evening walk, leisurely, with deep breathing. When a person sees how nature prepares to sleep, his mind gradually affirms the idea that this day is coming to an end and it’s time to rest.

It is undesirable to eat “heavy” food before going to bed. There is a minimum of 4 hours before bedtime. If it is difficult to sustain such a gap, you can drink warm water or warm milk with honey. From heat and soft taste you want to sleep, mind and stomach calm down, here you can read more about this.

Relax and prepare the body for sleep will help a hot bath with lavender oil, you can also light scented candles or incense. Very good, if there is a possibility of a massage before bed, also with the use of lavender or sage oil. Massage should be relaxing, easy.

The yoga complex and meditation are some of the best relaxing remedies before going to bed. They release consciousness, relieving it of unnecessary thoughts, releasing the stress accumulated during the day. The room for sleep should be ventilated, the bed is fresh and clean. The optimal temperature for sleep is 22-23 degrees. It is undesirable to watch television at night, especially news or action movies, also computer games, green tea, caffeine and alcohol “irritate” the brain. It’s best to watch a comedy or spend time with your family, with yourself, with your favorite book or magazine.

It is also desirable to avoid telephone conversations, chat rooms, “sms-at-night”, especially lying in bed. All these actions “enthrall” thoughts, and they can circulate in consciousness even before morning. It is better to postpone conversations for tomorrow, on a “fresh” head. If you can not fall asleep, you need to turn on the light, walk, drink water, and comb your hair. You can take a piece of paper and write down your thoughts, be sure to end the point. It is good to dedicate 15 minutes to yourself, to determine what you would like to do for yourself in the near future, what you can do tomorrow, wish everyone and yourself a good sleep and happiness.

Wake up slowly, with pleasant music. But after the first alarm bell, you must immediately get up, turn on the light, open the window or window, you can drink a glass of water, which in advance in the evening put next to the bed – it will refresh the body. It is very important to wake up every day and fall asleep at the same time, it is best to schedule your sleep and stick to it both on weekdays and on weekends. This will help the body to develop its rhythm and then get up and fall asleep more easily.

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