The impact of depression on the health of women

The impact of depression on the health of women

Depression is truly the enemy of a woman. Even in ancient times the sages spoke about the influence of the mood on health: being in goodness, the wife is healthy and fruitful. Being in the dusk and daunt – the woman is drying up and ill. Modern research confirms the wisdom of ancestors. Depression actually has a devastating effect on the condition of the body. Where does it break first?

The cardiovascular system

Depression is the state of a woman’s consciousness. Therefore, in the first place, the cardiovascular system suffers. The pressure jumps, the heart is beating. Headaches, discomfort and pain in the chest become constant companions. Depression provokes the development of hypertension, which can result in a heart attack or stroke.

Nervous system

First of all, this insidious enemy “hits” the nervous system. Deteriorated mood, sleep, memory. Appears suicidal thoughts and feelings of despair. Violation of coordination of movements due to a failure in the transmission of nerve impulses. Next, the nervous system starts destructive processes in other body systems.

Vegetative reactions

Depression causes such reactions as apathy, flies in the eyes, panic attacks and suffocation. Cold hands and feet, there is a sense of creepy. Increased sweating, burning head feeling, sudden reddening of skin areas – all these are standard vegetative reactions. Depressive state provokes a spasm of blood vessels and muscle tissue, as a result of which a woman experiences not the most pleasant sensations.

The immune system

A prolonged depressive state suppresses the immune system. The body ceases to cope with self-defense, as a result, a woman more often suffers from catarrhal diseases, inflammatory processes of various etiologies, purulent diseases. Decreased immunity also increases the risk of developing cancer.

Endocrine system

Chronic depression depresses the endocrine system. The work of endocrine glands is disrupted, the hormonal background changes. The activity of the pancreas and thyroid gland decreases. With chronic depression, the body loses the ability to produce serotonin, which can lead to mental illness.

Digestive system

Depressive condition causes oppression of the digestive system. The body can not cope with the digestion of food, absorbs less nutrients. Against the background of general weakening, there are gastritis, ulcers, colitis. Spasms of the muscular tissue of the intestine provoke diarrhea or constipation. A woman is either losing weight or gaining weight.

Excretory system

With a general stress shock, the excretory system suffers. The liver, kidneys, skin can not cope with the functions of isolation and self-regulation, resulting in a general intoxication of the body and a violation in the activities of these organs.


Eczema, psoriasis, one of the types of acne has long been recognized as a “nerve disease”. There is even a skin disease – neurodermatitis – an allergy to stress. With prolonged depression, severe skin lesions occur that are not amenable to treatment.

Respiratory system

Depression causes oppression of respiratory activity and gas exchange in the alveoli of the lungs. Add to this the increased sensitivity to various ARI and ARVI – and the body experiences chronic oxygen starvation. In addition, the violation of gas exchange leads to oxidation of blood and accelerated aging of the body.

Hematopoietic system, blood

The depressive state beats by blood. Hemopoietic organs do not cope with the production of healthy blood cells, which contributes to the development of cancer blood diseases. In addition, the blood of a depressed woman ceases to fulfill her transport function. This is fraught with intoxication and premature death.

Before nurturing your depressed state it is worthwhile to think: is it worth it? After all, depression has a truly destructive effect on the female body.

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