The first pregnancy: advice to “newcomers”

Whatever tasks a woman sets herself in this life – to succeed in her career, to develop as a person, to marry successfully, to create a strong family and much more. But the most important thing that a woman should not forget is to become a mother, a good mother! No wonder someone said that the article is truly a woman can only with the birth of a child.

The first pregnancy is, undoubtedly, a new stage in the life of every woman, unfamiliar to her earlier, full of surprises and mysteries, but at the same time very responsible and demanding special attention.

The first thing I would like to say is the age of the future mother!

Physicians consider the age of 21-25 to be the most suitable, because at an earlier age the body may not yet be fully formed, puberty is not complete, which can eventually lead to problems both during childbirth and during pregnancy. As for the birth of a child at a later age, namely the first-born, this also has its drawbacks. A woman becomes older, her joints are not so flexible and mobile as at a young age, soft tissues lose their elasticity.

The second thing to pay attention to is the state of mind!

Not only is your physical condition important in pregnancy, but your “inner” condition plays a very important role. For the time of pregnancy, forget about all your problems, postpone the cases that made you nervous, avoid stressful situations. Remember that now you are not alone and you need to think not only about yourself, but also about the little man “inside”. The child feels everything that his mother feels, which means that you must devote yourself to love, positive emotions, only to good mood, dreams and relaxation.

Board number three – food and daily routine!

No more quick snacks, harmful food, half-finished products and even more so of alcohol. You need to change your diet, given your “interesting” position. It is not superfluous to always have a fresh apple, nuts or dried fruits on hand, so that at any moment you can satisfy your hunger or sudden nausea (which is normal for pregnant women). Stay longer in the fresh air, enough to sleep – at least 8 hours a day, while you go to bed no later than 22 hours.

The most important advice – do not be afraid!

Fear of the unknown is an absolutely normal human reaction. The first birth is very often frightening expectant mothers, especially after the stories of girlfriends, neighbors or acquaintances. Here is your advice – do not listen to anyone, try to avoid such conversations, stories about how this “scary-terrible” you have nothing to it! Tune in to a wave of positive – your first birth for you is an event long-awaited and joyful, because you will finally meet with your first-born and understand that all the experience was worth it!

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