The consequences of low-calorie diets

The consequences of low-calorie diets

Most women are just crazy about their weight – it’s worth picking up an extra 500 grams, and they stop eating sweet, salty, fried, and in general, drink only water and jam with carrots. However, few people think how useful for the body is losing weight, and what problems this may lead to in the future.

One of such problems can be just such a situation when your diet per day contains the minimum number of calories, and the kilograms not only do not go away, but are added in geometric progression with the slightest deviation from the usual diet.

What happens in the body?

First of all, remember: for a normal, healthy functioning of internal organs, cells, tissues, and maintaining the body in tone, it needs a certain amount of calories a day. This number depends on many factors – on the weight of a woman, her lifestyle, age, menstrual cycle, hormonal background and so on. Each organism, of course, is individual, but there are several formulas by which you can at least approximately know the calorie content that is necessary for you personally. To maintain weight and normal metabolism, you should just about adhere to this framework.

In the case where you need to lose weight – you need to create a calorie deficit in the body, so that he uses his internal fat stores to power cells. Everything is logical, it is not so simple.

If this deficit is too high, then the body, especially the female, starts to work in an emergency mode. With every meal, instead of disposing of unnecessary nutrients, the body, like a sponge, starts to absorb any substances from which it can get energy, and puts these substances in reserve as much as possible so that you can then use this stock. Therefore, it turns out that we eat less, we are more nervous, and fat on the stomach only accumulates.


In addition to the severe stress resulting from such nutrition, you can easily get diseases of the digestive system, hormonal failures, decreased libido, infertility.

So what to do to lose weight?

The answer is as always one: eat right and play sports. Remember – sharply and quickly lose weight without harm to the body you will not succeed. This is a long and complex process, for proper weight loss you need a lot of patience and perseverance. It is better to drop stably for 1 kilogram per week than to drop 15, and then dial 30.

Consult a dietician or try to make a diet yourself, which will include the correct proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Eat more often – 5-6 times a day, in small quantities. So the body will not feel a deficit of calories, and you can easily transfer such a diet.

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