The benefits and types of massage

The benefits and types of massage

Massage has a positive effect on the mental and physical condition of a person. It improves the process of blood circulation, lymph circulation and nutrition of cells. Relaxing and toning the muscles, helps to eliminate toxins.

This is a relaxation therapy that strengthens the immune system and is a preventive measure against various diseases.

It keeps the skin supple, which is important for the preservation of youth, delays formation of wrinkles, graying of hair.

Massage enhances the ability to concentrate and positive thinking. This is an effective way to combat depression, melancholy and stress.

Types of massage

More than 100 types of massage are known throughout the world. The most popular are: classical, shiatsu massage, honey massage and aromatherapy.

Classic massage (Swedish massage) includes a variety of techniques of varying effectiveness: slow stroking, rubbing, tapping and kneading. It is effective for solving most problems, has a positive effect on all body systems. Effective to eliminate stress and the state of nervous overexertion, with muscular and joint pains, back pain, leg fatigue, mental overstrain.

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese health system that can restore the balance of vital energy. It is based on the principle of putting pressure on active points with the help of fingers, hands, elbows, knees, and sometimes legs. Suitable for disorders of the digestive system, menstrual pain, sciatica, back pain, upper and lower extremities, regulate liver function, soothe unbalanced mental state and emotions.

The aromatherapy massage uses more than 40 kinds of essential oils dissolved in coconut oil, sesame, shea butter, cocoa, jojoba, almond, avocado and others. This is one of the most pleasant health procedures, after which the patient experiences a feeling of pleasure and a feeling of complete relaxation.

Massage with aromatic oils reduces stress and tension, refreshes and strengthens the body, soothes emotions and rejuvenates the body.

Massage with honey bee is the oldest method of purifying the human body. People knew the healing power of honey several thousand years ago. It contains vitamins, microelements, minerals and enzymes necessary for man.

Honey massage has a strong tonic effect, restores the body’s natural ability to release from the slag. This is a valuable quality, as the cause of most common diseases of our civilization is the accumulation of toxins.

This type of massage gives a positive effect for allergies, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, migraine, anemia, rheumatism, problem skin.

These and other types of massage can be registered on the site

Contraindications for the procedure of massage

The procedure is not carried out in the following cases:

– fever,

– acute infectious diseases,

– various purulent processes,

– viral diseases,

– enlarged lymph nodes,

– malignant tumors,

– bleeding and hemorrhage,

– tuberculosis,

– mental agitation,

– severe fatigue and exhaustion.

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