The 5 most common myths about weight loss

About losing weight is written more than one thousand different books and articles. Experts recommend one diet after another, describing the advantages of each of them. But so far this topic is covered with a lot of myths that are not true. Therefore, it is time to refute the most popular of them.

Myth: After 18:00 – no crumbs in the mouth

True: Many women use this rule in order to lose a few pounds. According to the myth, it is the food eaten after eighteen is the main reason for weight gain.

Experts say eating time does not affect weight gain. It is much more important that the nutrition during the day was regular and you did not set before the body the task of digesting huge portions. It is not advisable to skip meals, because in the next reception the body will require even more food, which will lead to an unjustified increase in the portion. It is better to eat little and often, than much and rarely.

Myth: Carbohydrates are enemies of losing weight

Truth: Avoiding carbohydrates, even if you are on a diet and strictly follow this, is difficult and almost impossible. In addition, not all carbohydrates are harmful and cause damage.

The rate should be made on healthy carbohydrates, rather than on refined ones. Therefore, in your diet the most place is brown rice, whole grain bread, beans and whole grains.

Myth: Skipping meals can help lose weight faster

True: Skipping meals (whether breakfast, lunch or dinner) will only lead to the opposite effect. To the next meal the appetite will play out so that you will eat much more than usual. In addition, by skipping the reception of food you signal the body that you need to stock up for what it does when you save fat.

Myth: Healthy foods in the diet guarantee weight loss

True: Of course, fast food and weight loss are incompatible. But still, even if you eat only natural salads the whole day and at the end of the day decided to flavor the salad with a delicious sauce for a change, you can get more calories than you originally planned. So, healthy foods still do not guarantee anything. In order for them to give an effect, care must be taken to ensure that they do not have unsuitable products on the plate with them.

Myth: You can lose weight by simply doing exercises

Truth: Many people who are trying to finally get rid of the hated weight do not understand that exercises are only an auxiliary tool on the way to the figure of the dream. Equally important is nutrition, which must be adapted for physical activity.

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