The 12 poses of Ashtanga Namaskar Part II

As we must have learnt this is an extremely complex pose and one post wouldn’t have the ability to suffice the problems that are built-in it occurs to help us cope with. The 12 poses of Ashtanga Namaskar is quite critical as every asana and each must be done in an extremely particular way which helps to create its utility to your body

These are the six pose we’ll attempt to understand about

Regular Respiration –

Advantages: Many of your waistline and skin problems would be rectified as it adds fire and energy to your pose which helps your legs by doing this asana. Head attains control because of the standing pose. It helps in developing character that is distinct as a result of meditation techniques. Calmness encompasses you which will give you that degree of equilibrium within yourself.

Advantages: This Arch back position helps as a result of toning of the abdominal organs in your digestion. In the stomach organs it tones the spinal nerves along with the lungs. This is really great as it helps in reducing that extra luggage you happen to take regular for those who are heavy.

Exhale –

Advantages: This is among the finest means to escape from it if you’re experiencing any stomach troubles. It’s a very easy remedy to this kind of difficulty. Any issues with your feet and fingers are corrected.

4. Ashwasanchalanasan – (Horse pose)
Advantages: The procedure of this pose helps in extending every muscle of your body which helps in the proper function of your body and each. Issues like constipation may also be worked out. It helps with your thyroid glands as there’s stretch on the neck muscles.

Advantages: This asana helps in creating a powerful set of shoulders and arms. In the modern times you are going to find more overweight and more individuals interested in learning yoga. This asana is not bad to reduce your bulging waist line, which will be the primary issue for many.

6. Ashtanga Namaskar – (Pushup pose)
Advantages: This pose is called the salute to the sun with eight parts of your body. Torso, legs, your hands and feet work in synchronization to supply the real gain for your body. It helps in growing your torso muscles as it’s also called the push up pose.

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