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Among a huge abundance of different exercises, girls prefer everything except push-ups. After all, at first glance it seems that these exercises are extremely complex, and also completely useless for ladies. But, in fact, this is not so.

These strength exercises can be found in almost all programs for weight loss. Their history goes back to antiquity, when the eastern sages practiced power loads on their hands during yoga.
  Men love the press from the floor for the fact that it perfectly works through all the muscles of the chest, and also promotes the development of endurance and strength. But why would ladies have such results?

Yet another obvious benefit of push-ups for women is the burning of calories. In terms of efficiency, it is only slightly inferior to jogging or jumping rope.

Regularly exercising you can improve the shape of the breast & mdash; It will become raised, and therefore more attractive.

Almost all specialists agree that during pregnancy it is better to refuse from strength training. It is much more effective to go to yoga classes, which takes place in a calm, peaceful mode, but it allows to strengthen muscles of the whole body.

Each organism is purely individual, and no one can give you general advice. On such issues, it is necessary to consult with a doctor who will tell and tell you how to act in this or that situation depending on your state of health.

It is better not to start with a classic press from the floor, but from the wall, standing on your feet. It may seem to you that this does not do anything at all, but this is not the case at all. To begin with, you must accustom the pectoral muscles, muscles of the hands and abdomen to minimal stress.

In the first approach, try 1020 repetitions. After the sensations of the load are gone, increase each approach by 10 times. Take the starting position near the wall.

Technique of execution:

Step back to 11.5 steps and put your hands in the wall. The farther away you are from the wall and the wider your arms are & mdash; The greater the burden on different muscle groups. Movements to the wall and back must be slow and thoughtful so that the muscles can feel the full load.

After you master this exercise, you can go to the “classic”.

Since this exercise is the simplest of all kinds of push-ups, it is ideal for representatives of beautifully half of humanity. It is recommended to perform it on a gym mat, so that your hands and feet do not slip and do not leave.

The technique is as follows:

A lot of people prefer to train on specially designed schemes. Thanks to this campaign, you will soon be able to bring your result from 12 to 120 times in one session. This program of push-ups from the floor is recommended three times a week.

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