Symptoms of pregnancy in the early days

Symptoms of pregnancy in the early days

Symptoms of pregnancy in the early days – the process is purely individual. In some women, there are no signs of pregnancy and features at all, while in others, the changes from the first days of pregnancy are expressed more clearly that it is simply impossible to mix up this condition, especially if pregnancy is not the first.

1-2 weeks of pregnancy – this is actually the process of conception, it lasts not a single moment, some people think. Therefore, after 1-3 days of unprotected sexual intercourse about pregnancy, speech is not yet coming. Fertilization is a long process. As soon as it happens, the cells of the fetal egg begin to divide and grow, then the fetus moves along the tubes and is fixed in the uterus. And since the woman’s organism initially “considers the egg” to be a foreign body, the immune system struggles. During this period, a woman usually tends to sleep. 7-8 hours of sleep is not enough and even at the end of the day there is a desire to sleep an hour. Increased fatigue seems to accompany you from day to day. There are women who note an increased appetite and a predilection for some foods that were previously indifferent.

If you find out that you have any problems, then go to to specialists for advice.

The second sign of pregnancy can be considered the frequency of urination. Some ladies may even think that they have caught a cold. Urination becomes more often almost twice, with no painful cleansing it does not bring. Many women note the urge to go to the toilet, even at night, although there may not have been such features before.

The appearance of nausea and suspected toxicosis, like the symptoms of pregnancy in the early days can not be justified. Toxicosis occurs after a delay in menstruation, usually in the second month of pregnancy after 5 weeks. Early appearance of such symptoms can be associated not with pregnancy, but with problems of digestion.

After the appearance of such symptoms, you can make a pregnancy test. If the result is negative, wait until the first day of menstruation and repeat it again. You can also donate blood for a change in the hormone hCG, this analysis will confirm or deny the pregnancy before the delay. Sometimes a doctor can prescribe an ultrasound. A specialist can see a fetal egg in the uterine cavity no earlier than 3 weeks. Therefore, it is meaningless to do it before this supposed period.

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