Symptoms of HIV in women.

Symptoms of HIV in women.

In the twenty-first century there were no people who had not heard of HIV at least from the ear. And while the disease continues to affect the population of the earth.

The main reasons for the spread of HIV is the lack of clear knowledge about this disease. The infected often do not know about the presence of the disease. To deal with it effectively, you need to know how the virus manifests itself.

The main symptoms of HIV in women.

The first three symptoms must necessarily alert the woman if she finds them in her room. First of all, HIV is manifested by vaginal infections, which can vary in severity. Depending on the immunity, you can observe frequent mild forms of vaginal infection or rather severe rare cases.

When taking a Pap smear cytology, anomalies are found. This smear is done with a gynecological examination. The fence of materials is made by a cytological brush, almost every woman knows this procedure. This smear is used to examine female genital organs for the presence of neoplasms. In HIV, cells of different sizes are found.

The third symptom, which manifests itself in the infection with the human immunodeficiency virus, is primarily the presence of infectious pelvic infections. Especially seriously need to treat the treatment. When HIV is infected, the disease is very poorly treated, because the immune system is affected.

The subsequent development of the disease can manifest like this.

on the external genitalia there are signs of inflammation, small ulcers, herpes, abscesses, genital warts.

vaginal infections appear constantly.

the pelvic organs become inflamed.

constant infectious diseases similar to influenza. Such diseases can begin spontaneously, last about two to three days and self-terminate. And they can be protracted, with a permanent cold. cough, general weakness.

HIV usually increases lymph nodes. To probe them it is possible on a neck, under mouses and in an inguen. If you do not heal, then the virus progresses, new symptoms appear: constant fatigue, apathy, unwillingness to engage in anything, prolonged depression, a constant sense of tension.

Rapid weight loss, loss of appetite, sweating (especially at night) can also be signs of HIV in women. These symptoms indicate the depletion of the body and the immune system.

With a neglected disease, white spots appear in the mouth, which can be confused with stomatitis at first. Appears herpetic eruption around the mouth. And on the genitals there is a large number of abscesses and ulcers.

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