Supporting the figure during pregnancy and after childbirth

Women know that pregnancy is not a disease, and you need to treat yourself at this time as you would before pregnancy. But even if the whole period passed without complications, and the birth was not heavy, the past situation affects the figure and appearance.

The skin stretches on the abdomen for nine months of bearing the baby, it is here that most of the kilograms settle – the energy reserve for the future. The tummy will quickly restore its shape only then, the code you gave birth to the first baby, and periodically did exercises, engaged in special gymnastics for pregnant women and after the birth immediately joined in their rehabilitation program. After each of the following births, it will be more difficult to return the old form to the stomach.

The second zone, which requires recovery after childbirth, is the chest. To keep the breasts in good shape during pregnancy and during the period of feeding wear special underwear. For the breast, the hot bath and the direct rays of the sun are harmful. But rubbing with a cool towel or dousing is useful.

Stretch marks often appear during pregnancy. Use special, adapted for pregnant women, creams from stretch marks, be physically active, do self-massage – all this will help you minimize the negative impact.

If you did not have a cesarean section, then one week after the birth, you can do this exercise: inhale deeply and slowly release the air through the mouth, straining the abdominal muscles, exhaling, relax not at once, but hold the muscles in tension.

On the fourth day it is possible to lift the upper part of the trunk, leaning on the hands, from a lying position to a sitting position, then to fall back.

Then, lying on your back, bend your knees, raise the pelvis on the inspiration and, leaning on the shoulders and feet, strain the muscles of the perineum. Hold this position for 1 minute. On exhalation, go back to the prone position.

Two or three weeks after the birth, you can add the following to the previous exercises: from the lying position on the abdomen on the inspiration, lift the trunk, leaning on the socks, forearms and palms. On exhalation return to the starting position.

A month later: leaning on your hands, sit down, then lift the pelvis so that your torso and legs are one straight. Breath hold in this position, on exhalation return to the position in which they were.

All exercises must be done 3 times. When performing all the exercises, breathe deeply and do not overdo it. In a month and after examining the doctor and his advice you can think about returning to the exercises that you were doing before pregnancy.

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